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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do YOU say...

Replace the Hershey's bar with Nutella, and that's me... *drools*

So. How do y'all say "Nutella"?

I say "nuh-tel-la"

I mean, it is made with nuts, not newts...

Britt is saying it "new-tel-la".

We are having a minor war over here with much giggling over the correct pronunciation. The internet is no help. It's telling me both ways. So... How do YOU say it? Is there a difference between how Europeans & Americans say it? How Canadians & Americans say it?

Lemme know...


Monday, August 22, 2011

Run for the hills... THE HILLS... @_@

Both my cat & my sweety are cranky to the point where the boy kitties & I are getting ready to batten down the hatches or run for the hills...

The hills are looking rather nice this time of year... o_O


C'mon, Phiphi, Lhu & Vash... lets go before the fur starts to fly... XD

**proceeds to flee with boy kitties in blatant act of cowardice**

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Rambles

Britt & I are making good use of our last night with a car. In about 12 hours we'll be at Lauren's boyfriend's house, picking her up on our way to drop off the car at the auction place. Then we'll head back to Bellingham & proceed to enjoy whatever kind of vodka we decide to get. ^-^

We went to our storage unit this evening to try & salvage some stuff... There's quite a bit that doesn't have mouse shit on it, but there's so very much that does, and that just can't be adequately cleaned. Mostly craft projects & the like. Like my paper mache masks... and Britt's huge book she made in high school. I cried a little when she had to throw it away. The average shit we gotta toss due to mousey contamination is irritating, but not a terribly big loss. We had too much shit anyways. The craft projects & art, however, break my heart to have to throw out. Unfortunately, there's just too many diseases that mice carry that can pass with fatal results to humans. Hanta virus anyone? No, thanks though. @_=

Trying to look on the bright side, however, we both have learned a very valuable lesson about packing & storage facilities. We won't be making the same mistakes again. And the contamination is also making it far easier to go through & get rid of shit we really don't need.

We are, however, going to go over our contract with a magnifying glass. We're rather miffed that when they discovered the mouse infestation, they did fuckallnothing about it. Didn't notify the units adjacent to the one that had been storing food, didn't set traps or poison, didn't tell us when we moved in that we were in charge of providing our own pest control. I hate to have to kill the mice, but I really can't have them living (more specifically shitting...) in my stuff. Meh.

If we have to get rid of any of our furniture due to mouse damage, we're gonna be having a talk with the owner of the facility.

Anywho... I'm terribly excited to have a few days off before I head back to work for my seven on. For some insane reason, I agreed to work day shift the past three days. I must have taken temporary leave of my senses. Ye gods. I was forcibly reminded why I do not work day shift. As if I needed a reminder... XD

But at least I've got tonight, tomorrow & Tuesday night off. Yay!

Okies... off to make a grocery list & then go food shopping. And then to clean out the car the rest of the way. I may be getting rid of my car, but I definitely want to keep my inner tubes for the next time we want to float down a river. ^-^

Hoping all y'all are having a wonderful night. ^-^


Friday, August 19, 2011

What was I thinking?

So I'm working day shift all weekend in the Staffing office... Today, tomorrow & Sunday. @_@

It's terribly strange having other people in my office with me, as I'm alone on night shift. At least it's Sandy and not somone horrible, right? Right.

There's not much going on right now, so I'm killing time until I go for lunch at 1230... I'm being stared at by a plate of snickerdoodles... and naturally, today is the first day back on track for eating healthy. Cookies, unfortunately, are so not on my 'healthy' list. o_O

Ah well. I'm going grocery shopping this afternoon, so I'll have healthy snacks to take with me tomorrow. ^-^

I'm wishing I'd have gotten some coffee this morning, but paying for the hospital's sorry excuse for coffee is obscene... XD

I'll have to wait until I'm home & make myself a pot. ^-^

I suppose I could read a bit... So I think that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm ticked that I'm unable to leave comments on blogs at the moment, as apparently my account doesn't have access or permissions to do so... wtf...

Hope y'alls day is as gorgeous as mine is! Yay, sunshine!!! =D


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Me & Nancy

Last night at work, Lauren showed me where piles of books reside in the ER waiting room, waiting to be taken home. She found several old poetry books & I nabbed an old book with no cover, missing pages & burn marks all over, as well as an old book written in German. From what I can decipher, it's about the physiology & pathology of Kinderkrankheiten... or children craziness. Published in Leipzig in 1836. I am in love.

I spent about four or five hours trying to figure out what the cover-less book is. I've finally figured out it's either the 10th or 11th edition (I'm betting on 11th) of the Edinburgh New Dispensatory. It mentions Aluminum, which was discovered in 1825, but no mention of any elements discovered after that, including Bromine which was discovered in 1826. The 11th edition was published in 1826, so that's why I'm betting 11th.

I am terribly pleased with my discovery. Also, there is no front cover, but there is a back cover. With doodles from the mid-1800s. In brown fountain pen. Of a man in a coat with long tails. I shall most definitely have to post a picture of this as soon as my camera battery is done charging. Have I mentioned I'm in love? <3

I love old books. I love how they smell, how they feel in my hands, how the paper is nice & thick & ever so slightly textured. I love even more finding writing in old books... the lovely cursive one so rarely sees anymore. It makes my heart all aflutter. You could woo me with lovely writing such as that...

Anywho...That's what I've been up to all morning... playing Nancy Drew. =D

Getting ready to head off to bed so that I can get up at a decent time to make some dinner before we head to work. Hope you're all having a marvelous Sunday! ^-^


Friday, August 12, 2011

Well hell...

Britt's email accounts got hacked. Apparently the passwords that were stolen were for blogger too. In my not-most-intelligent moment ever, I clicked on one of the links in one of "her" posts & it took me to a viagra page. Great. So I've reset all the passwords I can think of, but if you get an email from me asking you to click on a link, it's NOT FROM ME. Also, if you DO get an email from "me", shoot me a comment so I can go try & fix things again.

ye gods, I'm such a dork... *facepalm*

I'll be keeping an eye on my blog as well. So don't click anything promising to make your life better. They're full of shit. @_x

Here's to hoping I don't spread this to anyone else... yeesh.


I'm up when I should be sleeping... But with how shitastically I've been sleeping (or not sleeping, rather) as of late, at least I'm being productive, right? Sure. I tried to sleep earlier & managed about three hours of almost sleep. I figure I'll go water the garden (I knew I forgot to do something this morning after work...) and then see if I can sleep again. I got an Rx for ambien, or something along those lines, with an extended release. Falling asleep isn't my issue. Staying asleep, however, is. So as soon as my check gets here, I'll be filling that Rx. And my normal one as well, which I've only been semi taking, as there was a whole big hooplah over the doc refusing to give me a refill until I'd seen her for a med checkup, which until a week ago, I didn't have money for. Yep. Refill half of my Rx at the 40mg dose instead of the 60mg one I'd been told to "try out". Then refuse to give me enough meds to get me through the month, while making me pay for a full month's worth. That makes tons of sense. o_O
Whatever. I got things worked out & am seeing a different ARNP than the one who opted not to tell me beforehand that I needed to see her before refilling to get the full amount of my Rx at the proper dose.
In other news... I'm looking for a new job, as my current one is facing possible cuts. Which shift will go first? Night shift of course. Awesome how folks who've never worked my job or my shift are insistent that it won't matter if there's not night shift clerk to do all the shit I do. Ah well... It's been a great three years (ha...), but I was wanting outta there anyways. I was planning on sticking it out through nursing school, but now it seems I may not have that option. Soooooo... I'm looking for a new place to work, so I can be a step ahead. For once. ^_~ I'm hoping I'll find a place or two that I'll like working at.
But for now, I've sold my days off to my current job. I've picked up all the extra hours I can find. I'm working seven on, two off, three on, two off, seven on... Let's see if I can make it working three day shifts without killing anyone, shall we. ^-^
Alrighty... I'm off to poke more blogs & then go water my garden. ^-^ I hope y'all are having a wonderful day & that your weather's at least a lovely as mine is... Yay for Summer! =D
(I did buy some glittery Fall leaves a while back at JoAnn's & hung them around my desk... Shhh... don't tell. I love Summer, but Autumn is always in my soul.) ^-^


Friday, August 05, 2011

Natural buoyancy... I has it.

Have got a killer headache that's been knocking about my head since this afternoon. I'm getting ready to head to bed in hopes that I'll wake up sans the pounding head. Or rather, sans the pounding IN my head. I would very much like to wake up with my head. Anywho.

Britt & I are set to go tubing down the Nooksack River later today. Whee! I haven't been tubing since I lived in Florida, and this time I won't even have to keep an eye out for gators. XD

She's never been tubing before, as her dad had some friends who drowned so she was never allowed to go. Yippee for adulthood & all the nice things you do despite one's parents' reservations.

I'm also terribly proud of us for going against our ridiculously hermit-like & anti-social natures. We are going with some people from work. Omg, Hell hath frozen over & I think a pig just flew by my window... @_@

So. I (hopefully) will be able to let you all know how this adventure goes after we get back tomorrow afternoon. I also have more plant pics to post, including some of my dragon beans, which are sprouting beans like there's no tomorrow. =D

On this note (drum beat in my poor head, whatever), I'm off to bed to vaguely worry about the possibility of drowning in a river and hopefully sleep. I am taking comfort in the fact that even if the river does try to drown me, my fat ass is terribly buoyant, so I'll probably float without much issue. And I can swim, so between that & my natural buoyancy, I'm sure I'll be fine... XD


Flash Fiction Challenge: The Flea Market

I have stumbled across a most excellent website & blog by Chuck Wendig, Terrible Minds. For his most recent flash fiction challenge, involving flea markets, I wrote the below short (very short...) story. ^-^
Head on over to THIS page after 1200 EST today & vote for your favorite story. Clickety on the links in the comments to get to the individual authors' blogs, read their stuff & then VOTE! ^-^
Easy as pie.
So! Without further ado, here's my nifty little entry. Enjoy!



Kat poked through the piles of junk, the tables full of treasures. She had no particular item in mind, but browsed the aisles piled high with anything and everything imaginable, searching for a special something. She would know it when she found it.

She wandered around for what felt like a terribly long time. As she was getting ready to give up her search, she found it. It being an old, slightly rusted door knob attached to a back plate with a large key hole. It also came with a skeleton key that weighed heavily in her hands. There was no price tag.

How much did you want for this?” she asked the seller. The old woman raised bushy eyebrows and peered at Kat with her bleary, aged eyes.

“That? How did that get here? Hmm. I suppose I could give it to you for $5... if you're sure you want it. Although why anyone would need that many doors, I'm sure I don't know.”

Kat handed the woman the money and carefully placed her purchase in her messenger bag. She looked back up at the old woman.

“What did you mean, about the doors? This is only for one door.”

The old seller scrunched up her wrinkly face as she laughed. “Ah, young lady, that knob will lead you through more doors than you think, if you will it.”

With that, she turned away to help another customer. Kat left the woman to her next customer and walked back toward the bus stop.

As she sat on the bus, she thought about the old seller's words. They sounded like something out of a fairy tale. She thought how lovely it would be if life had fairy tale magic, but how it most certainly did not. At least not for someone like her, a college student working at a coffee shop, who could barely pay her bills. Yeah, she'd definitely welcome some fairy tale magic.

That night she couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned, then finally got up & took some NyQuil, hoping it would knock her out for a few hours. Some time around four in the morning she gave up and went to her kitchen.

She made some tea and toast, then sat down to more closely examine the doorknob. It was strangely heavy, just as the key was. She held it up to get a better look at the design etched onto the knob. She glanced through the keyhole and what she saw nearly made her drop it. She set it down on the table and took a deep breath. Maybe she'd taken more of the cough syrup than she'd thought. Because she was obviously hallucinating. She had to be, right? Yes, she decided, she had to be, because moonlit gardens simply do not exist on the opposite sides of old doorknobs.

She held it up again and purposefully looked through the keyhole this time. Sure enough, the garden was still there. “Through more doors than I think, if I will it,” she whispered to herself. She walked over to her kitchen wall and placed the knob against it. She let go and found that it held fast to where she'd placed it. Slowly, she turned the knob to the right. It didn't budge. It was locked.

Of course it was, she thought, that's why there's a key. She grabbed the key off the table and walked back over to the knob on the wall. Kat inserted the key, turned it, then turned the knob to the right again. The whole doorknob promptly detached from the wall and she had to scramble to catch it.

“What the hell...” she muttered.

She looked through the keyhole again and saw the garden was still there. Her eyebrows drew together as she replaced the knob on the wall. She inserted the key once again and turned the knob to the left. A door that hadn't been there seconds ago easily opened out of her wall. She gazed through it into the garden bathed in moonlight, smelling of sweet flowers & green, growing things. The warm Summer air enveloped her and fireflies beckoned her forward. She stepped through the doorway onto a dirt path and didn't look back.