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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wishings...

Have spent the day today hanging about the house, re-dying my hair (which was fucking awesome ORANGE, but is now a more work appropriate copper, meh...) and day dreaming of running off to join the circus. With Britt & Grace. =D

We'd do fire dancing, aerials, bellydancing... go us.

Now all we gotta do is finish losing weight so we can hold ourselves up on the equipment... o_O

Found a couple of new blogs... This one & this one... the last of which will have you snorting whatever it is you're drinking out your nose. You have been warned. I wanna be a rockstarAuthor. Oh yeah, baby...


So let's see... I wanna join the circus, be an author & finish losing weight. Sounds like a plan...


  1. It sounds like a lovely plan, my dear. It also sounds like you already have the hair and the drive, so write and rock on!

  2. I just realized that I, um... was not following your blog. Nonsense, I know, but I fixed the problem.


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