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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rainy Sunday Mornings & Fight Club

One of my favorite movies & books (if not my favorite altogether) is Fight Club. I find it full of wise, thought provoking phrases from my favorite character in any movie, Tyler Durden. An accidental wise man. And one, who even though fictional (and even then semi-non-existent), I've found myself time & time again quoting.

I think I may have blogged about this before, in fact I'm relatively sure I have, but Fight Club is one of those rare books & movies both that really made me think in an entirely new direction. A piece of amazing creativity that stopped me in my tracks & made me go "Whoa... holy fuck... just... whoa."

Every time I watch/read it, I get certain things I've come to believe & hold dear reaffirmed. It reminds me to stop & take stock of what's really important to me whenever I get caught up in a materialistic fit. Britt & I semi-joke about if being our 'Bible'... And in our house, it is practically a religious text.

This post if brought about due to me finding a list of quotes I especially like that I'd like to work into art journal pages. Also, Britt & I are getting rid of our car. The payments are just too high, especially with the insurance, and neither of us are working the massive overtime we were when we first got it... we've had to learn the hard way what an average paycheck is without the OT.

As terrified as I am to get rid of it, I feel very much at peace. While trying to decide what we wanted to do with our car (keep it or sell it), I grabbed my tarot cards for some insight... they told me to focus on our health, on de-stressing & on changing things in our lives that may seem hard now, but will benefit us in the long run. I took this as an affirmation of my initial thought that we should indeed sell our car, without immediately getting a new one.

Back to that scrap of paper with movie quotes scribbled on it...

"Things you own end up owning you."

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

As for the last quote, I don't take literal meaning from that. I have no plans to get rid of all my shit. However, I take meaning from it in that it's only after I've lost my fear of not having & fear in general will I be truly free. So...

I've ditched my cell phone... now we're getting rid of our car. I'm terrified, but elated. I'll be able to hop the bus or my bike or walk wherever I want, whenever I want without having to worry about having enough gas in my car or gas money or insurance or a driver's license (all of which I currently lack at the moment for one reason or another...).

I will be free to go where I will.

I am terrified & excited.

In parting, I have one last thing to say...

"He's a great man. Do you know about Tyler Durden?"


  1. Fight Club is damn near a religious text for me as well, the two quotes you mentioned as well as all of the "You are not your.." quotes. I've always always been moved by the "choose life" monologue in Trainspotting too.

    I hope everything works out wonderfully for you two. I know it sounds sort of cliche, but giving things up is seriously brave. You guys are awesome. <3

  2. I've never seen the movie....guess what's going into my Netflix Queue. Isn't there a bunch of shirtless men in it too? Yay! Spirituality and shirtless men : )


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