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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jam making... kinda...

Soooooo... Britt & I went to her parents' house the other day. They have some huge red & black currant bushes & I picked a bunch to make jam. Now that I'm home & picking through them, I've found a shit ton of larvae of Saw flies. Oh goody.

I've been googling for the past 30 minutes how to get rid of them & if the berries are ok to eat/make jam with after I get them out of the berries. So I'm soaking the berries in salt water for an hour (as suggested by several people) to get the worms out. Allegedly they'll float to the top.

I hate any kind of parasitic worm. Normal, garden worms? I love 'em. Little white grubby things? Yeeeesh... @_@

It took all my self control not to toss the whole lot of berries into the compost. Blech. But since many people seem to have this problem & have a way to get the nasties out, I figure I'll give it a whirl. I'll be possibly making jelly instead of jam, however... omfg.

Any words of wisdom from any jam makers out there will be greatly, greatly appreciated! ^-^

After seeing the amount of nasty ickies that are popping out of my currants, I think they're headed for the compost heap & I'm gonna have to start over. Gah... I'm so bummed! I was so excited to make jam! TT___TT

Updated update...
After talking to my momma, an avid jam maker, she said to just pick 'em out & make the jam. She said that there's no way I'll ever pick bug free berries, so to just pick them out & cook the jam. Yay for jam making being back on! =D

Love you mom & thanks!!! ^_______^



  1. thats the pleasure of organic and home grown,, no chemicals to kill the buggies,, what would you do without you momma.I miss my mum so much it hurts,,

  2. Oh man, I'd toss them right out... but then again, I'm a huge wuss when it comes to any sort of white wormy creatures. Not entirely sure what about them squicks me out so bad, but I lose my shit over grubs and maggots.

    That being said, I hope your jam turns out delicious and I'm adding those berries to my 'things not to grow since you garden organically and will get parasites' list. :P


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