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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

21 o'clock Tea Party

Join me, won't you, for a nocturnal spot of tea? It's just lovely out here on the porch... There's even a few faeries flitting about... They came back as soon as I promised them that Macha had absolutely no interest in eating them. ^-^

They have nothing to fear, as my lazy kitty is perfectly content sitting on my lap or on the table or half buried in the catnip...

So, would you like some cream? Or sugar or agave perhaps?

The Motherwort is growing nice & big & booshy...

Our Lover's Lane rose is HUGE. She's so tall, I have to crane my neck to look at all her lovely blooms...
The Flamingo happily hold the rose's name tag... & hunts bugs. He missed a caterpillar earlier, so I nabbed it for him.

My lantern lights the way for late night parties with the garden faeries...

Our poppies are still so small... but growing steadily! I can't wait for them to bloom. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers...

The snapdragons are going to bloom any day now. I'm so excited, I may pop... As you can see, they're gonna be RED! =D

I must say, I've loved having you over this evening! We'll have to do this again. Perhaps tomorrow, when I shall have cookies to go with our tea. Excitement! But for now, we'll just munch some of the nasturtiums & enjoy the glow of magic from the plants. More tea?



  1. Oh how beautiful! I have solar lights all around my garden and I love the effect at night.

  2. Ever so lovely and must be cooler then here.I'll stop by but will need ice tea with lemon please.

  3. This was lovely. So calm and magical. I love the lanterns and the sweet glow of everything. There's just something so perfect about nighttime tea parties. :)

  4. Beautiful tour of your gradens,, lovely lovely by candle light!!!Thank you so much for visiting me

  5. Glad to see those tea lights being put to good use!!! ^__~


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