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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rainy Sunday Mornings & Fight Club

One of my favorite movies & books (if not my favorite altogether) is Fight Club. I find it full of wise, thought provoking phrases from my favorite character in any movie, Tyler Durden. An accidental wise man. And one, who even though fictional (and even then semi-non-existent), I've found myself time & time again quoting.

I think I may have blogged about this before, in fact I'm relatively sure I have, but Fight Club is one of those rare books & movies both that really made me think in an entirely new direction. A piece of amazing creativity that stopped me in my tracks & made me go "Whoa... holy fuck... just... whoa."

Every time I watch/read it, I get certain things I've come to believe & hold dear reaffirmed. It reminds me to stop & take stock of what's really important to me whenever I get caught up in a materialistic fit. Britt & I semi-joke about if being our 'Bible'... And in our house, it is practically a religious text.

This post if brought about due to me finding a list of quotes I especially like that I'd like to work into art journal pages. Also, Britt & I are getting rid of our car. The payments are just too high, especially with the insurance, and neither of us are working the massive overtime we were when we first got it... we've had to learn the hard way what an average paycheck is without the OT.

As terrified as I am to get rid of it, I feel very much at peace. While trying to decide what we wanted to do with our car (keep it or sell it), I grabbed my tarot cards for some insight... they told me to focus on our health, on de-stressing & on changing things in our lives that may seem hard now, but will benefit us in the long run. I took this as an affirmation of my initial thought that we should indeed sell our car, without immediately getting a new one.

Back to that scrap of paper with movie quotes scribbled on it...

"Things you own end up owning you."

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

As for the last quote, I don't take literal meaning from that. I have no plans to get rid of all my shit. However, I take meaning from it in that it's only after I've lost my fear of not having & fear in general will I be truly free. So...

I've ditched my cell phone... now we're getting rid of our car. I'm terrified, but elated. I'll be able to hop the bus or my bike or walk wherever I want, whenever I want without having to worry about having enough gas in my car or gas money or insurance or a driver's license (all of which I currently lack at the moment for one reason or another...).

I will be free to go where I will.

I am terrified & excited.

In parting, I have one last thing to say...

"He's a great man. Do you know about Tyler Durden?"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wishings...

Have spent the day today hanging about the house, re-dying my hair (which was fucking awesome ORANGE, but is now a more work appropriate copper, meh...) and day dreaming of running off to join the circus. With Britt & Grace. =D

We'd do fire dancing, aerials, bellydancing... go us.

Now all we gotta do is finish losing weight so we can hold ourselves up on the equipment... o_O

Found a couple of new blogs... This one & this one... the last of which will have you snorting whatever it is you're drinking out your nose. You have been warned. I wanna be a rockstarAuthor. Oh yeah, baby...


So let's see... I wanna join the circus, be an author & finish losing weight. Sounds like a plan...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jam making... kinda...

Soooooo... Britt & I went to her parents' house the other day. They have some huge red & black currant bushes & I picked a bunch to make jam. Now that I'm home & picking through them, I've found a shit ton of larvae of Saw flies. Oh goody.

I've been googling for the past 30 minutes how to get rid of them & if the berries are ok to eat/make jam with after I get them out of the berries. So I'm soaking the berries in salt water for an hour (as suggested by several people) to get the worms out. Allegedly they'll float to the top.

I hate any kind of parasitic worm. Normal, garden worms? I love 'em. Little white grubby things? Yeeeesh... @_@

It took all my self control not to toss the whole lot of berries into the compost. Blech. But since many people seem to have this problem & have a way to get the nasties out, I figure I'll give it a whirl. I'll be possibly making jelly instead of jam, however... omfg.

Any words of wisdom from any jam makers out there will be greatly, greatly appreciated! ^-^

After seeing the amount of nasty ickies that are popping out of my currants, I think they're headed for the compost heap & I'm gonna have to start over. Gah... I'm so bummed! I was so excited to make jam! TT___TT

Updated update...
After talking to my momma, an avid jam maker, she said to just pick 'em out & make the jam. She said that there's no way I'll ever pick bug free berries, so to just pick them out & cook the jam. Yay for jam making being back on! =D

Love you mom & thanks!!! ^_______^


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

21 o'clock Tea Party

Join me, won't you, for a nocturnal spot of tea? It's just lovely out here on the porch... There's even a few faeries flitting about... They came back as soon as I promised them that Macha had absolutely no interest in eating them. ^-^

They have nothing to fear, as my lazy kitty is perfectly content sitting on my lap or on the table or half buried in the catnip...

So, would you like some cream? Or sugar or agave perhaps?

The Motherwort is growing nice & big & booshy...

Our Lover's Lane rose is HUGE. She's so tall, I have to crane my neck to look at all her lovely blooms...
The Flamingo happily hold the rose's name tag... & hunts bugs. He missed a caterpillar earlier, so I nabbed it for him.

My lantern lights the way for late night parties with the garden faeries...

Our poppies are still so small... but growing steadily! I can't wait for them to bloom. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers...

The snapdragons are going to bloom any day now. I'm so excited, I may pop... As you can see, they're gonna be RED! =D

I must say, I've loved having you over this evening! We'll have to do this again. Perhaps tomorrow, when I shall have cookies to go with our tea. Excitement! But for now, we'll just munch some of the nasturtiums & enjoy the glow of magic from the plants. More tea?


Monday, July 18, 2011


That would be how I'm feeling. I want to work in my art journals or on a doll or on the pumpkins I'm eternally felting, but it's as if my spark of oomph has just up & disappeared... and I don't know where to find it.

After vowing not to let my kitchen get out of control messy ever again, it is overflowing with dishes & things that got set on counters but don't belong there.

There are a bunch of things I want to be doing, but it's as if I've lost my will to do much of anything. I was feeling so good the past three weeks, I have no idea what happened. I even seem to have lost my oomph for blogging. I want to blog. I usually love it & enjoy it so much, but I feel like my mind's a blank for art or creativity of any kind.

Perhaps I'm in need of some inspiration, to find something or someone to re-light the spark of my creative drive, as I am seemingly incapable at the moment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I hate how when I stop blogging for a while that it feels so hard to get back into my groove... I LOVE blogging... It's my addiction. It makes me ridiculously happy. So I have no clue as to why I'll randomly cease. Anywho... I'll keep pondering this, as I'm sure it'll happen again.

But in the meantime, what have I been up to? Well! I shall tell you. ^-^

I've been quite enjoying my life sans cell phone. It's awesome. Britt & I have also almost completely stopped driving our car in favor of walking or taking the bus. Strangely enough, when taking the bus everywhere I feel much more relaxed. Even though I have to plan out when I'll be heading somewhere to make sure I get my connections, I feel much calmer & less rushed. It's strange & oh-so-nice. I think that it also helps that I'm not just zipping around in my car, dashing from one place to the next. I also love that I get to look at the scenery 'cause I'm not the one driving. =D

We've been babysitting Triston & he's crawling all over the place now. He's learning to stand while holding onto things too, and I think he'll be walking shortly. So exciting! =D

Our garden plot is growing amazingly well. We went to water yesterday morning & found three peas growing on our single pea plant (yeah... the one we didn't think was gonna make it & the only one that did.) We were so thrilled, we were squealing with glee. We ate two of the peas & left the third to grow a bit bigger. I thinned a few carrots, which we also ate, and generally ran about excitedly looking at all the plots in the garden & squee-ing over all the lovely veggies & flowers. We must've been quite the sight... XD

The plants on our porch are doing marvelously as well. I was walking around the yard between our apartment building & the one next door & looked up at our porch. I was startled at how lovely it looks from the ground... With the plants growing up against the porch railing & in some cases UP the railing itself, it's our own, personal Eden. It's a bright spot of color & greenery... and attracts birds, bees, hummingbirds & even Faeries... =D

I shall have to take some pictures this weekend & show you all. I am so in love with my plants... ^-^

Alrighty then... I'm off to find a picture of how I'm gonna style Lauren's hair for the wedding she's going to later today...


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Oh my fur & whiskers... @___@

I'm late, I'm late... (as per usual) for a most important date! Ack! The past few days/weeks have been a whirlwind... add to that internet gremlins & I have myself a rather late Mad Tea Party post!


As they say, "Better late than never"!!!

Words I live by... o_O

So, my darlings, without further ado, won't you please join my friends & I for a spot of tea?

The morning started early... There was much to do before our guests arrived at 7 pm... Phiphi & Vash (formerly Anubis, but that's another story entirely...) "helped" me make my to do list & drink my coffee...

Several hours of maddly dashing about & baking & decorating later, Lauren & Jae came! The hit of the party was the fake lips... It helped that they had tasty suckers on them... Me (left) & Jae (right)...

and Lauren. I think her lips were by far the best ones... XD

But then there's Britt's lips... they're kinda awesome...

First group shot attempt... fail...

Jae's & my lips... again...

The kitties, of course, we in attendance as well. As we couldn't find kitty-safe or kitty-sized lips, they were stuck wearing their own... Ah well. they didn't mind too much...

(No, she's not pulling his tail, regardless of how this looks...)

Lauren did have a moment of, um, species confusion however... I think the kitten had gotten cupcake on his head perhaps? At least she used the fake tongue.

(Yes, Vash is plotting her untimely demise...)

He apparently forgot about the impromptu fake cleaning enough to zonk out in Lauren's lap a bit later. Ah, the cuteness...

And then was up, mucking about again several minutes later...

He also got some muvs from Jae... Can we guess who the star of the Tea Party was? It helps that he's the only social kitty in the house... lolz...

Love our lips...

Attempted group shot #2... Fail...

Third time's the charm!

Post party... So much food left over... omg...
Poor Britty's pooped... We sent the leftovers with Lauren to work, I sent Britt to bed & I cleaned up then joined her. We were having such a riot just sitting around telling stories & gabbing that Jae was almost late to work... @_@ oops.

And Vash was all sleepy again too... Lhu was just beginning to wake up... He'd slept through the rest of the party, waking only to come get the kitty treats Britt bought to give the kitties (since they can't have cupcakes...)

All in all, the tea party was a success. The leftover cupcakes & cake-bites-on-a-stick were loved & quickly gobbled up by super happy hospital staff.

I've already picked my theme for next year's party... And have promised myself that I will NOT wait to do everything several hours before the event. Ever. Again.

Well then, my darlings, I hope you enjoyed our merriment & liked your tea... I can't wait to visit your tea parties! Hopefully my internet gremlins will move on soon & I'll have internet at my house once again. Until then, I'll poke & prod you all from work. =D