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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Oh my fur & whiskers... @___@

I'm late, I'm late... (as per usual) for a most important date! Ack! The past few days/weeks have been a whirlwind... add to that internet gremlins & I have myself a rather late Mad Tea Party post!


As they say, "Better late than never"!!!

Words I live by... o_O

So, my darlings, without further ado, won't you please join my friends & I for a spot of tea?

The morning started early... There was much to do before our guests arrived at 7 pm... Phiphi & Vash (formerly Anubis, but that's another story entirely...) "helped" me make my to do list & drink my coffee...

Several hours of maddly dashing about & baking & decorating later, Lauren & Jae came! The hit of the party was the fake lips... It helped that they had tasty suckers on them... Me (left) & Jae (right)...

and Lauren. I think her lips were by far the best ones... XD

But then there's Britt's lips... they're kinda awesome...

First group shot attempt... fail...

Jae's & my lips... again...

The kitties, of course, we in attendance as well. As we couldn't find kitty-safe or kitty-sized lips, they were stuck wearing their own... Ah well. they didn't mind too much...

(No, she's not pulling his tail, regardless of how this looks...)

Lauren did have a moment of, um, species confusion however... I think the kitten had gotten cupcake on his head perhaps? At least she used the fake tongue.

(Yes, Vash is plotting her untimely demise...)

He apparently forgot about the impromptu fake cleaning enough to zonk out in Lauren's lap a bit later. Ah, the cuteness...

And then was up, mucking about again several minutes later...

He also got some muvs from Jae... Can we guess who the star of the Tea Party was? It helps that he's the only social kitty in the house... lolz...

Love our lips...

Attempted group shot #2... Fail...

Third time's the charm!

Post party... So much food left over... omg...
Poor Britty's pooped... We sent the leftovers with Lauren to work, I sent Britt to bed & I cleaned up then joined her. We were having such a riot just sitting around telling stories & gabbing that Jae was almost late to work... @_@ oops.

And Vash was all sleepy again too... Lhu was just beginning to wake up... He'd slept through the rest of the party, waking only to come get the kitty treats Britt bought to give the kitties (since they can't have cupcakes...)

All in all, the tea party was a success. The leftover cupcakes & cake-bites-on-a-stick were loved & quickly gobbled up by super happy hospital staff.

I've already picked my theme for next year's party... And have promised myself that I will NOT wait to do everything several hours before the event. Ever. Again.

Well then, my darlings, I hope you enjoyed our merriment & liked your tea... I can't wait to visit your tea parties! Hopefully my internet gremlins will move on soon & I'll have internet at my house once again. Until then, I'll poke & prod you all from work. =D



  1. HEhe, it looks like you guys had tons of fun! I love those wax lips... they're seriously some of the funniest ones I've ever seen.

    Btw, Vash... as in the Stampede?? *squee* Now you simply MUST get another kitty and name him Wormwood.

  2. The kitten is adorable! I love the fake cleaning pic, he looks so grumplestiltskin! Looks like a lot of fun was had. The lips were fabulous.

  3. I was wondering when you would post this up! Had a great time, looking forward to next year.

  4. Love the kitties and the party looks fab,fake lips and all!


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