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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Morning Rambles...

So... 16 oz of coffee has done absolutely nothing for me this morning... bleh... I still feel so not awake. I've had the kitten climb my back three times in about 10 minutes... OUCH. Those tiny claws of his are sharp.

I got the first page in my new art journal done yesterday evening. ^-^ I got an awesome old book from the flea market for $1, called The Captive Witch... lmao... So I figured I'd set her free from the book via art. Sounds good to me.

Lhu has decided not to eat Anubis. Yay! He is rather enjoying having a kitty that will play rough & tumble with him & not bitch about it. ^-^ Macha & Phiphi are still being bitchy... ah well. They'll get over it.

Heading back to work tonight, and I so don't wanna go! I wish I could work from home... that would be awesome. XD We brought up the option in our staff meeting this morning, but we got shot down... pity.

Sooooo... I suppose I'd better get those invitations finished, as I wanted to finish them like two days ago... and here's some random pics of my supremely adorable nephew, Triston. ^-^

He loves to play with whatever we're drinking... my diet Pepsi bottle... Britt's 5 hr energy shot... Lolz. Fortunately, he can't unscrew the lids yet, but he seems happy just to nom on the tops. Yep... this is my favorite teacup human... <3



  1. Awwww. So cute! You new little kitten is adorable as well! I think I'm ready for one myself. (a kitten that is!) Unfortunately I keep moving into places that don't allow pets. Someday...

  2. "teacup human" is my new favorite phrase.

    Yay for finding the cover to your journal and setting her free. Yay for getting stuff done (as of late, I've not been able to build up enough oomph to do much of anything).

  3. First of all, Triston = Cutest Baby Ever!!! He's adorable, you lucky aunty :) I wish my sister would hurry up and start making babies. While we're at it, I wouldn't actually mind one of my own... I'm at that age, I think. Was at a friend's wedding the other day and there were too many babies there for my ovaries to handle! Don't think it would fair on anyone to have me as a mother though. There's probably some article against it in the Geneva Convention.

    Anyway! It's great to catch up with you my friend. This post had be lol-ing a couple of times. Setting the witch free - I love it. Oh, and the bit about working from home. Aren't you a nurse? :) Well, I hope you managed to wake up a bit in the end and good luck with your return to work. Oh, and give Triston a big hug for me!

    Roisin x


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