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Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Anubis...

Soooooo... Britt & I went to Target the other day to get some eggs (we got a free dozen egg coupon in the mail... sweet!). On our way there, we saw a van parked in the mall parking lot with a BIG sign in the back window... it said "KITTENS".

It was hot out... and we were rather appalled that someone would have animals in their car in the heat. So we stopped by to see what was up. There was a woman in the van & a cat carrier full of kittens in the back. Two long haired, one grey, one black, three black & brown, one grey & white & one black & white.

Britt immediately fell in love with the long haired black kitten... who looks like a miniature Macha. So much for her rule of "No more monochrome cats. We need some color." lolz...

Anyways. This is Anubis. I wanted to name him Goblin, but Anubis is what we settled on. ^-^ He's our newest & probably last addition until we get a bigger place. I have no regrets about getting him, even though he wasn't pre-planned (forget accidental pregnancies... I have to worry about accidental kittens... o_O)

Our other cats have less than good opinions on the matter, but are adjusting. ^-^

So without further ado, here are baby pics! =D

Meet Anubis...

First bath, as soon as we got him home...

And those awesome ears are why I wanted to name him Goblin! =D

Britt did the washing, I did the drying. Poor wet cat...

We took him out to the living room to run around while we supervised... Macha & Phiphi were not amused... XD

And now we have three black cats... omg...

Yep... he's nomming the kitty tunnel... o_O

Protecting my curtains from the newest hellbeast... My poor curtains... @_@
Bought a squirt bottle & labeled it the "Good Kitty Maker"... Have had to squirt the mini-cat several times for trying to eat my computer cord... *facepalm*

Anywho... So that's what I've been up to this weekend... I recently learned that a herd of cats is called a "Clutter"... I definitely have a cat clutter... XD

Well then... I'm off to make sure Lhu hasn't eaten the baby...



  1. oh my gosh, you sweet girl, in you I see me,,, a long time ago,, (me 55 , you,, my daughters age) lol, I would have done the same,, trying hard not to bring all of the kittens homw with said mother, who should not have been in a acar in the heat !yikes!Love the name,, totally understand why Goblin would have also been a good name also!Happy monday and thanks so much for visiting,

  2. Those ears! That fluff! He's so damn cute that it really didn't matter what you named him. :D I love his fluffy face and I have to give you guys a lot of credit for taking in so many fur babies. My two drive me up and down the walls several times a day, I can't imagine how I'd handle four! x__x;;

  3. Oh so sweet and such a lucky kitty!
    Hugs, Amy

  4. Oh he is adorable! Ears like that are how my husband's black cat ended up named Kitsune, lol. She had huge fox ears so we named her after a fox demon!


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