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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Holy SHIT, it's June...


Um, where did May go? Anyone? o_O

I can't believe it's June 1... only 24 days til the Mad Tea Party, and I just realized I haven't got my "Woohoo! It's Tea Party Time!!!" post up yet! Oops... Things have been kinda nutso around here as of late, but we're working it out & slowly, but surely, balance is returning. ^-^

Soooooo... As soon as my dishes are finished, I've got a Tea Party post to write & link to our splendorific hostess... and garden picture updates!

But first, I really must finish my housework... I go back to work tonight & want it done before hand! Okies... Be back in a bit, but for now, ONTO THE DISHES!!!

Mwahaha... I will have a clean house if it KILLS me... XD

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