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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garden Pics!

So I know I promised to post pics like forever ago... and then didn't... lolz... so! Here we go. This is my garden as of about a week ago. Everything is decidedly larger now... ^-^ So there will be more pictures eventually! Yay! Enjoy, my lovelies! ^-^

OK... So this isn't my garden plot, but it's Britt's & my Lover's Lane rose that she bought for us for Valentine's Day a few years ago... This is her first bloom of the Summer! =D

So I think Britt's washing her hands with the hose or something... But the pic was actually supposed to be of the bed, not her backside (although, it IS a very nice backside... ^_~)


And watering...

I can't wait to post more recent pics! The beans we planted & huge & booshy now! And that one, lone pea in the lower right hand corner is still alive & kicking. Woohoo! I planted some yellow beans around it, so it wouldn't feel as lonely... I couldn't find any pea starts... o_O

Well then... Off to wake up Britt so I can pour some coffee in her, wake her up & head to town for the Farmer's Market! Yay!!! I see Man Pies in my future... Made of chicken, beef, lamb or veggies... not men. As far as I know, Mrs. Lovett is not in their employ...



  1. thanks for the visit,, such kind words,,on to you,, big garden,,, lots of work,, wow, so much work,, I hope you have good weather, soft rain and warm sun for your garden to grow,

  2. Oh, I'm glad it's coming along so well!


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