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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy May!

Since the last post (the one before it, actually) in which I felt like I was completely losing it, I've chilled out considerably & have been feeling much better. Thanks to everyone who gave me support & hugs during my spaz attack. I luf you all.

I'm off in a bit to go take pics to post here of the work we've been doing on the community garden. Yay! We have most of the fence up, so I'm excited to share...

Kinda bummed 'cause Dark Mother has taken a leave of us, and her blog is one that I absolutely LOVE. I hope she returns soon... She will be missed.

In other news, I broke my tooth yesterday while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch. o_O So I made a dentist appointment, went in & ended up having the damn thing ripped outta my head. Eek. So not what I was planning to do yesterday... @_@

So now I have one less cavity, one less wisdom tooth & a lot more achy-ness in my jaw. Ah well...

It's back to work tonight, and I'm so not wanting to go. I've been enjoying my days off...

Well then... I'm off to go take pics so I can post them this afternoon! I'll post some pics of my plant starts as well... I'm so proud. I grew them from seeds & they actually GREW this time! =D

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