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Friday, May 06, 2011


It's still raining, and I'm stuck in the house... I'm supposed to be doing homework that's due by midnight tonight, but I'd rather be doing anything else... ick.

So I'm productively procrastinating by posting here... ^-^ Then I'll get to the homework. Blech.

I'm savoring my last cup of coffee with tasty creamer... it's going way to fast. I'm outta creamer & don't get paid for a week. A WHOLE WEEK. How will I ever survive??? @_@

I suppose I'll have to drink my coffee with milk (shudder) or with just agave (gasp)...

Anywho... I'm work tonight, build garden beds all day tomorrow & then work tomorrow night. The we have dinner at Britt's parents' house on Sunday for Mother's Day & her birthday. My next weekend is packed as well, and I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed... Ack.

But I shall just take deep breaths, calmly write down all the shit I gotta do & when I gotta do it by & I shall be fine... right? RIGHT? @_@


Well then, my beloved bloggy buddies, I'm off to do my damned homework & then the dishes... They're still taunting me... o_O

Welcome back, Dark Mother, I cannot tell you how ridiculously overjoyed I am that you came back. I luf you to pieces & the prospect of the bloggosphere without you was a grim one indeed.


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