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Saturday, April 02, 2011

So I was planning to post about Kyo & have some pics of my fluffy, orange monster, only to realize the pics are in storage (on CDs) & I can't get into my storage until the 4th... o_O

So! I shall post about him another day, but soon!

As for today... Today is a lovely day! I think I'm going to go play outside a bit later... ^-^
It started out cold, windy & rainy, but suddenly was SUNNY!!! =D

A strange thing happened earlier this morning, whilst it was still pouring... I went to Hellmart to get TP, cat food, litter, deodorant, etc. My house was mostly clean & there were only a few dishes on the counter waiting to be washed. When I came home, there was stuff EVERYWHERE.

I guess this is what happens when Britt decides to rearrange our tiny place...

To top it off, the desk was in the doorway to the bedroom & the top had come off from Britt trying to move the damn thing by herself... o_O

We got it into the living room & I got the top back on, after liberally applying Gorilla glue... awesome stuff, that...

I'm way caffeinated... I'm practically vibrating outta my seat. W00t for Monster & coffee...

I finally got Mod Podge on the first page of my spell book. YAY! Now the leaf won't crumble anymore... Sweet. I've never used the Mod Podge before... as we bought it, promptly lost it & I just found it yesterday. Happiness.

I made a nice little sign a week or so ago with my word for the year on it... Thrive. It's stuck to the little cupboard door on my desk. I'll have to take a picture of that as well...

Well then... I'm off to find the rest of my apartment. And then I should probably get working on my homework & the article I'm writing for a newsletter about the community garden.

Have a marvelous Saturday my dears & hopefully I'll get some pictures posted tonight! ^-^


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