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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Morning musings...

Random picture that's currently making me happy:

Good morning!

It's a lovely, chilly, windy, grey & about-to-be-rainy Saturday morning here in Bellingham, and I simply can't sleep. Probably due to the large amount of coffee I ingested at work about 0430 this morning, but ah well... my brain needed that wake up. ^-^

I'm feeling crafty today! So I think I'll haul out the wire & make an armature for a doll... @_@

And then I'll play with some paper mache if I get my armature completed. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to refill my coffee cup & play with some wire. Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday & that your weather is nice & sunny & warm! ^-^



  1. Is that a steampunk Baba Yaga?? I think (know) I'm in love! <3

  2. Thank you!!
    Today was so warm and sunny I got to digging out some of the garden and raking and such...My back is screaming at me, but I loved every second of it and hope the supposed thunder showers hold off or end early tomorrow.
    Oooh,, I want to see this creation of your's! I need to get some wood cut to do up something crafty...So tired now though haha

  3. Another big thank you hun. I believe this has been a shouted call for me to investigate further in my own ways :D

  4. Funny Baby Yaga! Steam powered? Giggle.

    I'm a 4:30 am coffee drinker too. Ugh. My one cat Beau gets me up the moment I roll over in the morning. Luckily I can usually go back to sleep after I feed her - but not always.

  5. heehee! Good luck! It's actually been too chilly yesterday and, so far, today so the garden has been put on hold a bit....but there's not an incredible about of work left so I'm okay with that, for now. LOL

  6. Aw, what a fun post! I can almost feel your coffeed up hyperness radiating from the screen :) Great picture, by the way.

    Anyway, sorry for not calling round in so long. I've been avoiding my computer of late but finally got blogger withdrawl and decided to come back. Missed posts like this one! Well, I hope all is good with you and the missus.
    Take care,
    Roisin x


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