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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And back to work I go...

Le sigh. I don't wanna work tonight... Ah well. Could be worse, I'm sure. ^-^

Britt started school yesterday, and so far is doing well. She's one of the only people who has bothered to do any homework, so she's impatient with the slackers who are wasting her time in class. I adore her. ^-^

I've also started school for this quarter, and am happier than a pig in mud that my classes are all online. =D

I've got my list of things to do for today, which unfortunately include going to the library to do homework, as my textbooks have yet to arrive from Amazon.

The day started off gorgeous & sunny (and almost kinda warm!), but has since turned cloudy & chilly. At least I'm not going to be stuck inside doing homework while it's nice out... ^-^

Well then... I'm off to find some socks & my shoes so I can head out to the library on campus. Hope all y'all are having a most wonderful Wednesday!



  1. Ahhh homework, I remember that from University. Is it wrong to love being a student? Enjoy your classes.

  2. That's sweet your classes are all online! There are some from different schools online I'd love to do someday. haha That's cute of Britt, real go getter, eh? hehe
    Hope you had a good trip to the library! It was rainy and chilly all day here, hoping the weekend is as nice as they say it's suppose to be!


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