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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

And I am so happy, I could pop. ^-^

The sun is out today & I'm sitting on my porch having just finished my first cup of coffee. Macha was out here with me, but is now back inside. She'll be at the door in about 2 minutes demanding to be let out again... o_O

Planting time is almost here! Happily, it will coincide almost perfectly with when I get paid again... YAY!

So that's one of the reasons I'm sitting out here... I'm planning what to plant this year! =D

Danni over at The Whimsical Cottage was planting sunflowers last I heard, but my porch unfortunately is facing North... not so great when it comes to getting sunshine for one's plants... ah well... I'm looking into good stuff to plant that likes the shade to partial shade. And I'm just so happy to have Spring here, I don't have room to be annoyed at the direction my porch faces. ^-^

Going to the Community Garden meeting tomorrow evening & feeling like an weenie for forgetting to email them my contact info two weeks ago... >_< Early onset Alzheimer's? Nope... just regular little 'ol forgetful me... le sigh... I have emailed them now, so better late than never, yes? I hope so. And pretty shortly I'll be off to go hang up fliers around town about the garden. ^-^

Along with plants for my porch, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a small table with two chairs. I want to be able to sit outside & have some place to put my coffee cup... ^-^

Well then... Back to planning my porch garden! ^-^

Oh yes, and I hope all y'all had a most wonderful Ostara!



  1. Envious!! We're still cold and dreary here. I cannot wait to be able to plan a garden! Have fun!

  2. You're very welcome hun. I don't blame her. It's going be very odd visiting my parents after my cat and dog are no longer there. I hope she's doing well though, and thank you very much as well.

  3. I would love a table with chairs, I've been eyeballing sets and wonder if something mixed would sit with our porch energy better.

  4. Glad the world is a little cheerier for you today, a little sunshine really is good for the soul :) It showing signs of spring here too, though the flowers are really taking their time this year! Good luck with the gardening, I wish I had a garden to potter about in and a porch to while away the evenings on...

  5. Oh, oh, oh! I have been sitting on my deck as well thinking of what I will plant. I'm still waiting for the sun, however. :( There is one new thing I really do want to try to plant this Spring/Summer and that's BEETS! I'll need a 3 gallon pot but I will make it work. :) Happy planting!! xo


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