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Friday, March 04, 2011

Procrastinating... who, me? o_O

Good morning! Got a good chunk of the cleaning done last night, so now all I gotta do is organize all the shit Britt wants organized before my dad gets here tonight... @_@

Since I'm out of soda, I'm drinking blueberry lemonade from Smirnoff... tasty shit, this... And poking at my blog as a way of procrastinating... I made Britt go take a nap, as she was dead on her feet from working evening shift today. They filled just about every available bed in the whole damn hospital... I'm so glad I'm not working Staffing this weekend. Yeesh...

I've almost finished the project I'm currently working on, and will have it done tonight so I can send it out tomorrow. I'm terribly excited... XD

I'm all outta gas, so I won't be going to the beach tonight... I was rather looking forward to going to the water this Dark Moon, but I'll go to my porch with a bowl of water instead. Not that anything around here really needs more water, after all the rain, but it's the thought that counts.

I've got an insanely busy day/night tomorrow... I need to make a To Do list, so I don't forget anything important.

Well then... I'm outta here for now, but when I feel like procrastinating again, I'm sure I'll be back. Or perhaps by that time I'll have something specifically to post about... ^_~

Hope everyone's having a marvelous night! ^-^



  1. I'm procrastinating cleaning my house by reading all my favorite bloggers : )

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by in return! Yes, not having a vehicle (or fuel in said vehicle lol) can be very frustrating and I agree fully, digging your hands into the rich soil of Mother Earth and helping to bring new life within it is one of the best feelings in the world.
    Glad you got some stuff done today! I am such a list person it's not even funny! My hubby makes fun of me for my lists sometimes :D Hope you have a good day and Britt gets some sleep LOL

  3. haha Glad I'm not alone! I just have a bunch of notebooks or pads kicking around to my list making LOL


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