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Sunday, March 06, 2011

It's been a wonderful, busy weekend!

We drove to Seattle to pick up my dad from the airport on Friday night.

Then yesterday evening, my dad, Britt, Scott, Heather & I all went bowling & out for dinner. We bowled two games & had a blast. For dinner we went to my favorite place, Bayou on Bay. It's an awesome Cajun restaurant. ^-^

Despite my requests not to, Scott & Heather also got me birthday presents... I got an awesome zombie poster, a wallet with built in brass knuckles (no, not real ones, but it's the thought that counts... XD) & a crossbow that's supposed to fire suction cup tipped darts. My dad and I found that it fires many other things as well...

The best part of my present, however, were two pieces of paper printed from Scott's printer... What did these two pieces of paper contain???


My favourite German band is coming to tour the US!!! After not touring here since 1998! And Combichrist is opening for them! I could just shit bunnies & die, I'm so excited.

We're off to Seattle now, so as long as I find my camera, there will be pictures! ^-^


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  1. Well, happy belated I suppose lol Such wonderful and fun gifts! Hope you have a blast!


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