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Friday, February 11, 2011

Slllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... @_@

I'm so tired... I feel like I'm filled with lead... or too much Mexican food. Yup. One too many enchiladas will do that to a person. Ah well... live & learn, then forget & do it again. ^_~

I'm so thrilled to have no classes tomorrow, that if I had any energy, I simply wouldn't be able to contain myself. For now, I'll be content with just a little, "YAY!"

I'm going to sleep like the dead when I get home this morning... and I'm terribly excited. ^-^

Since my brain has almost completely quit functioning, I suppose I should use the rest of those poor, tired little grey cells to figure out staffing for day shift... blarg...

Hoping all y'all have a supremely wonderful day today while I SLEEP. ^-^



  1. Sleep....little slivers of death...Edgar Allen Poe

    I'm feeling deep and dark today ; )

    Have a restful sleep dearie.

  2. Yet again, you've got me typing extra fast so I can get down to the kitchen! Mmm, you really made that food sound good :) Happy to hear you've a day off tomorrow - rest well my friend!

  3. tomorrow will be the first day in a week that we get to sleep in. My partner's filling in for her manager this month, which means 4:30 wake-up time. We've learned to relish those rare mornings when we're not getting up early.

    enjoy your rest. bliss out. aaaahhhhh...


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