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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good evening...

Just finished my A & P test, and am sitting in the common area waiting to be let back into the classroom. It was a beautiful day today & an equally lovely evening. I only wish I could be outside, at the beach instead of in class. At least I can watch the sun set (kinda) from this window by the computer.

It's back to work tonight, but since I have no class tomorrow (til Monday, actually), I feel like I can just chill & do whatever tonight. ^-^ No homework due tomorrow!

I registered for classes for next quarter & got the math class I need for my last nursing pre-requisite & an english class. Both online. HUZZAH!!! I'm terribly excited to have both my classes online. ^-^

I'm looking forward to spending my free time at work tonight perusing blogs I've been out of touch with for the past little while. I'm hoping the internet at the hospital is working tonight... it wasn't last night, so I couldn't log on using my laptop. I'd just use the pc at my desk, but I'm unable to post comments due to it needing updates & me not having the access to update it. Ah well...

Well then... back to class to learn about the digestive system... o_O

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