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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wring me out, already...

le sigh...

The weather is really starting to get to me... I'm so sick of the grey & the cold & the rain... I feel perpetually soggy. I'm going to go take the advice of Dark Mother & go take a bath... I'm just hoping I'm not totally out of lavender...

Hopefully I'll feel better soon... all I want to do is... nothing. I ended up sleeping for 16 hours last night... @_@ I went to bed at 2100, woke up at 0300 & then went back to sleep until I got up (finally) at 1300 this afternoon. Ack.

Ok... off to the bath... just me & my zombie ducky. And probably the kitties, although they (hopefully) won't be actually in the tub with me.


  1. Hope the kitties stay out of the tub! xD I'm tired of feeling damn too. It hit the 60's here today and was sunny, but you wouldn't know looking at me all curled up in my hooded sweatshirt. The humidity is still high and leaves a lingering chill. Ick.

    Enjoy your bath! I'm thinking I might follow suit. <3

  2. I see so many bloggers suffering from SAD this time of year. I used to be affected by this disorder, for about 10-15 years as a matter of fact. Something shifted a couple of years ago when I really started giving in each Season and what it has to teach me. Do I still have growing pains? Absolutely. But giving in and accepting is easier than fighting. When I feel the need to wallow, I wallow. When "life" gets in the way, I wallow in the only way possible at that moment.

    Be gentle and kind to yourself during this cold time. Pamper yourself.

    Hope your bath was magical and rejuvenating.

  3. Glad to hear your bath was awesome....including the hithchhikers ; )


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