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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow... I can't even believe how different I feel today. I feel really good. ^-^

I got some really good sleep last night & feel just wonderful today. I sat on the porch and ate breakfast & drank tea with Macha this morning. She poked around the flower pots & wanted to know when I was planning on getting her another cat nip plant & then decided to come nap on my lap. ^-^

And as I sat out there this morning, after I'd finished cutting away some dead stuff from my mints which survived the winter (yay!!!), the sky started to clear & I saw BLUE!!!

I've been thinking on & off about what I want my word to be for this year. I'd kind of settled on 'Well-being', but it didn't seem to totally encompass my desires for myself this year. Then today, as I was reading Dark Mother's blog, I saw a picture of the necklace she bought with her word for the year on it (which is Flourish, btw...) and over top of that I saw my word, clear a day.


I looked back on the post she posted earlier this month when she announced her word, flourish. In it, she gave the definition. Part of the definition is "to thrive".

This word encompasses everything I want for myself this year. My health & wellness desires, my desires for at home, work & school. I've been contemplating how so often I just coast through life. While this is ok & necessary at times, I feel that all too often I just exist. I definitely am not thriving.

So. I want to thrive. Like a plant reaching for the sun, branching out & getting healthier & fuller each day. And also like a plant, there is always pruning that needs to be done in order to help the plant be as happy & healthy as possible. ^-^

So. Starting now, I'm going to go through this day & all the rest looking for ways I can help myself thrive. I know I'll still have down days. I'm human, after all, and not immune. However, even when I need to rest & take a break from parts of life than may be getting me down, that rest will rejuvenate me, helping me to thrive in the days ahead.


  1. :::chills:::

    I too had falled into the trap of just existing...during the time I was physically stuck in a place I had no desire to be. After moving "back home" that habit of existing, unfortunately, followed. Luckily, I noticed it within a couple of months and began making changes.

    I love your word and can't wait to hear about how it affects you this year!

  2. I love that word - "thrive." It's a very good choice and one that will be a great reminder to really live, rather than just exist. (Always something that I need to remind myself of too!)


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