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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outside my window... It's dark already & I can hear the traffic as is flows up & down the street.

I am thinking... Not much at the moment. Just relaxing & getting ready to have a nice last night off before starting my week of work.

I am thankful for... All the wonderful, strong women (and the few guys, too) that I've met through blogging. You all enrich my life, inspire me & give me love & support when I need it. You help me Thrive.

From the kitchen... The smell of koffee beckons me out of the bedroom whenever my cup runs low.

I am wearing... Just a pair of Halloween undies, complete with ghosts all across the butt & a big "BOOOOOO".

I am creating... Shelves to hang on my wall. I'm learning to paint marigolds so I can paint them on the shelves.

I am going... Nowhere tonight. And I'm thrilled.

I am reading... The Queen of Wands by Judy Grahn (again). Her words wrap themselves around my heart... flow through my veins & become a part of me. They glow through my smiles & flow down my face in my tears. She breaks my heart & sews it back together. She writes words of power & magic.

I am hoping... That this headache I woke up with goes away...

I am hearing... Traffic outside my window, the sound of keys tap tapping as I type & Battlestar Galactica coming from the living room, where my womyn wonder sit enraptured. Dan Fogelberg serenades me softly from my pc.

Around the house... The kitties are snoring, the dishes & laundry patiently await my attentions... But I'm hiding in the bedroom for just a wee bit longer...

One of my favorite things... Is waking up early, feeling fully rested. Making tea & sitting on my porch with Macha, just relaxing & being happy. Tea & kitty snuggles make my world go 'round.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I start my seven nights on tomorrow night, so I'll be working this week. I have a test in my A & P II class on Thursday. I want to work on my garden plans & work on the shelf I'm painting. I want to find ways that I can Thrive, especially during my work week. I want to get my house in order... when my house is in disarray, I feel in disarray.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

"Longer than there's been fishes in the ocean,
Higher than any bird ever flew,
Longer than there's been stars up in the heavens,
I've been in love with you."

Someday, I'll play this for Britt on my guitar & sing it to her... Sometimes I sing it to her when we're on long car rides & she's fallen asleep... But very quietly, so as not to wake her. ^-^


  1. You are so my idol! I want to get to the place where I don't freak out and feel like I am a bad person when the dishes and the laundry pile up. I love that! Dishes and laundry are patient...

  2. Isn't this Simple Woman's Daybook awesome. I love reading and writing them.

    You say :"just relaxing & being happy"

    Isn't that what it's all about!

  3. I love reading these. I wonder if I should do one too.

  4. Koffeebergering, gonowherebergering, and Fogelbergering<~~all at oncely?! Sounds like a "What wonderful, awake Dreamland!" Your head's ache should soon be no longer, because caffeine causes vasodialation; going Nowhere will certainly take you to Relaxtion Street; and Dan Folgelberg~~> just because!

  5. Since there are between miles, I have also cast an afar, head-soothing spell for a BlakkDuchess who is feeling hurts too plenty. (On an onion, I did pen your name <--Ballpoint, as sometimes we can't be fancy. LOL!, then, wishing you heal-wells, I planted the bulb in a wanting pot and topped it with a stone to the North, droplets 3 of Rosemary oil to the South, a an ocean's small shell to the West, and a pillow's feather to the West <~~All made cozy under a blanket of Full Moon soil, with the pot then placed on a horse shoe waiting for such needs in the foyer. This tried-and-true employs the strength of Mars ==Mars being the god of war, and both the onion and the horse are governed by Mars== to "win" the battle over discomfort, pain or illness.) Be well, my friend, be well!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you really have a talent for creating atmosphere in your posts! Loved this :) Though the headache, not so much. Hope it has cleared up by now :( And I have to say your woman has great taste in TV; loved BSG myself and I'm quite hard to impress! Well missus, I hope all is well and try not to drink too much coffee - that might be the cause of your headaches, I know if I drink to much it makes me feel crappy. Switch to tea, you can drink that till it comes out your ears!


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