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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Morning!

So the first post after not posting in a while is always the hardest. I don't know why I don't keep posting, because I love to blog & read all of your blogs. But once I stop, it's really hard for me to even log back in. So I did my first post since December as something easy, just to take the pressure off. ^-^

Now for a 'real' post, in which I do more than just share a music video.

I spent the last little while either terribly busy or depressed, but I'm feeling much better now.

School's started again, and I'm only taking two classes this quarter. I got onto the wait list for the LPN program (woohoo!), and will hopefully be starting that either in the Fall or next Winter.

Because I'm feeling much better, I feel crafty again (YAY!) and have started to paint a mini shelf like thing. Both Britt & I got new sketch books to carry with us as we muck about, I have a few ideas tumbling around in my head for a doll or two that I'd like to make. I missed everyone I talk to here so much, that I finally made myself come back. ^-^

I really do love talking to y'all & reading about what you're up to. You inspire me in all sorts of ways, and I missed you terribly. I am happy to be back to my blog & all you wonderful people!

So! I'm off to find some lunch, but I will see y'all again soon.


PS... A note about the holiday cards... They're still coming, but since I spent a good chunk of December either busy or depressed, they're gonna be Valentines instead. ^-^ Still holiday cards, just not the holiday I intended... Ah well. That's kinda how things work here... better late then never... XD


  1. Sometimes we gotta swim in the dark sea and give into it. By keeping your words to yourself, you embraced it and now you're back a wiser woman for it : )

  2. So glad you're still alive woman. I missed you!

  3. Hey there! Happy to see (read) you again!
    So sorry to hear that December involved some depression. I'm glad that things are looking up!
    Best of luck with your project ideas. I've been thinking I need an "official" little idea book to tote with me as well. Being creative is the very best way I know of to combat my bouts of depression as well.
    All the best and Happy NEW Year!!

  4. hey lady! glad you're back...
    been in the same place, either busy or depressed. today is just a slow one getting off the ground...
    new sketchbooks are always exciting! i carry around 2 or 3 actually, but i haven't been doing anything with them, as the ideas have been materializing in the form of clay before i can get them on paper.
    congrats on the lpn wait list! hope that happens soon for you. i know you'll be happy!
    well, let me run and get moving today... ah, the job hunt... grrr...


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