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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outside my window... It's dark already & I can hear the traffic as is flows up & down the street.

I am thinking... Not much at the moment. Just relaxing & getting ready to have a nice last night off before starting my week of work.

I am thankful for... All the wonderful, strong women (and the few guys, too) that I've met through blogging. You all enrich my life, inspire me & give me love & support when I need it. You help me Thrive.

From the kitchen... The smell of koffee beckons me out of the bedroom whenever my cup runs low.

I am wearing... Just a pair of Halloween undies, complete with ghosts all across the butt & a big "BOOOOOO".

I am creating... Shelves to hang on my wall. I'm learning to paint marigolds so I can paint them on the shelves.

I am going... Nowhere tonight. And I'm thrilled.

I am reading... The Queen of Wands by Judy Grahn (again). Her words wrap themselves around my heart... flow through my veins & become a part of me. They glow through my smiles & flow down my face in my tears. She breaks my heart & sews it back together. She writes words of power & magic.

I am hoping... That this headache I woke up with goes away...

I am hearing... Traffic outside my window, the sound of keys tap tapping as I type & Battlestar Galactica coming from the living room, where my womyn wonder sit enraptured. Dan Fogelberg serenades me softly from my pc.

Around the house... The kitties are snoring, the dishes & laundry patiently await my attentions... But I'm hiding in the bedroom for just a wee bit longer...

One of my favorite things... Is waking up early, feeling fully rested. Making tea & sitting on my porch with Macha, just relaxing & being happy. Tea & kitty snuggles make my world go 'round.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I start my seven nights on tomorrow night, so I'll be working this week. I have a test in my A & P II class on Thursday. I want to work on my garden plans & work on the shelf I'm painting. I want to find ways that I can Thrive, especially during my work week. I want to get my house in order... when my house is in disarray, I feel in disarray.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

"Longer than there's been fishes in the ocean,
Higher than any bird ever flew,
Longer than there's been stars up in the heavens,
I've been in love with you."

Someday, I'll play this for Britt on my guitar & sing it to her... Sometimes I sing it to her when we're on long car rides & she's fallen asleep... But very quietly, so as not to wake her. ^-^

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Wow... I can't even believe how different I feel today. I feel really good. ^-^

I got some really good sleep last night & feel just wonderful today. I sat on the porch and ate breakfast & drank tea with Macha this morning. She poked around the flower pots & wanted to know when I was planning on getting her another cat nip plant & then decided to come nap on my lap. ^-^

And as I sat out there this morning, after I'd finished cutting away some dead stuff from my mints which survived the winter (yay!!!), the sky started to clear & I saw BLUE!!!

I've been thinking on & off about what I want my word to be for this year. I'd kind of settled on 'Well-being', but it didn't seem to totally encompass my desires for myself this year. Then today, as I was reading Dark Mother's blog, I saw a picture of the necklace she bought with her word for the year on it (which is Flourish, btw...) and over top of that I saw my word, clear a day.


I looked back on the post she posted earlier this month when she announced her word, flourish. In it, she gave the definition. Part of the definition is "to thrive".

This word encompasses everything I want for myself this year. My health & wellness desires, my desires for at home, work & school. I've been contemplating how so often I just coast through life. While this is ok & necessary at times, I feel that all too often I just exist. I definitely am not thriving.

So. I want to thrive. Like a plant reaching for the sun, branching out & getting healthier & fuller each day. And also like a plant, there is always pruning that needs to be done in order to help the plant be as happy & healthy as possible. ^-^

So. Starting now, I'm going to go through this day & all the rest looking for ways I can help myself thrive. I know I'll still have down days. I'm human, after all, and not immune. However, even when I need to rest & take a break from parts of life than may be getting me down, that rest will rejuvenate me, helping me to thrive in the days ahead.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Warning: Whinning Below.

Some days I feel like I'm clawing my way up a glass mountain... Today is one of those days.

I'm feeling like I'll never get caught up on my bills, my house work, my home work, my life in general.

I'm feeling frustrated, because all I want to do is just be quiet. To be still. To wait for my Self to wake back up, stretch & go about the things I like to do. But those who love me are worried that I'm getting more depressed (which I'm not), because I'm not doing "all the things I usually like to". I totally understand why this is a concern, but feeling pressured to do things simply for the sake of doing something, instead of nothing, is making me feel like I'm drowning or being smothered. However, I am in full agreement that spending as much time in bed as I have been is not so great. So I'm going to have to work on finding that elusive balance between listening to what my body is telling me it wants (quiet & rest) and being lazy. I think once I have this worked out, things will get back on track.

And now that I've got that out, I think that there's house work & home work to be worked on & bills to either be paid or arranged to be paid.

I also need to go buy some more lavender & take another bath...

But before I do anything, I'm going to drink some koffee & take some advil for this damn headache. And then I'm going to focus on chilling the fuck out & just breathing. I'll be ok, I know I will. And perhaps I'll do some spinning... few things zen me like spinning.

Well then. We have a plan. Put PJs & slippers on, take advil, drink koffee & spin. Sounds good to me. ^-^ And I feel a bit better already.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wring me out, already...

le sigh...

The weather is really starting to get to me... I'm so sick of the grey & the cold & the rain... I feel perpetually soggy. I'm going to go take the advice of Dark Mother & go take a bath... I'm just hoping I'm not totally out of lavender...

Hopefully I'll feel better soon... all I want to do is... nothing. I ended up sleeping for 16 hours last night... @_@ I went to bed at 2100, woke up at 0300 & then went back to sleep until I got up (finally) at 1300 this afternoon. Ack.

Ok... off to the bath... just me & my zombie ducky. And probably the kitties, although they (hopefully) won't be actually in the tub with me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another blog? Yep...

Alrighty folks... I started a weight loss blog to deal with whatever comes my way this time around on my journey to a happier, healthier me. Here's where to find me if you're interested. And if you're not, no worries, I'll still see all y'all right here for whatever else I mutter about. ^-^

And yes, I do think my title is terribly clever... Ahahahahahahahaha... ahem.

Alrighty. I've got to get the Britty up so she doesn't miss her math test this afternoon. And I have homework to do as well. So... Off to school!


PS... Being the dork that I am, I didn't think to start this new blog with this account, but got another one. **facepalm**
Is there a way I can kind of transfer that blog to this account? Anyone? Thanks!

Monster Mondays (even though it's mostly Tuesday...)

Ah, good morning! No school today makes it the perfect day for some house work & some home work! And then, after that, I can craft until my fingers fall off. Or until I'm too sleepy to see straight. XD

I was all excited to log on this morning & reply to comments & comment on blogs & what not, only to realize that for some reason, my computer at work won't let me comment on some people's blogs. Um, ok... my pc is possessed by... something. Ah well. I'll just have to come back when I get home. ^-^

So, until later this morning, I hope y'all are getting good sleep! ^-^


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Morning!

So the first post after not posting in a while is always the hardest. I don't know why I don't keep posting, because I love to blog & read all of your blogs. But once I stop, it's really hard for me to even log back in. So I did my first post since December as something easy, just to take the pressure off. ^-^

Now for a 'real' post, in which I do more than just share a music video.

I spent the last little while either terribly busy or depressed, but I'm feeling much better now.

School's started again, and I'm only taking two classes this quarter. I got onto the wait list for the LPN program (woohoo!), and will hopefully be starting that either in the Fall or next Winter.

Because I'm feeling much better, I feel crafty again (YAY!) and have started to paint a mini shelf like thing. Both Britt & I got new sketch books to carry with us as we muck about, I have a few ideas tumbling around in my head for a doll or two that I'd like to make. I missed everyone I talk to here so much, that I finally made myself come back. ^-^

I really do love talking to y'all & reading about what you're up to. You inspire me in all sorts of ways, and I missed you terribly. I am happy to be back to my blog & all you wonderful people!

So! I'm off to find some lunch, but I will see y'all again soon.


PS... A note about the holiday cards... They're still coming, but since I spent a good chunk of December either busy or depressed, they're gonna be Valentines instead. ^-^ Still holiday cards, just not the holiday I intended... Ah well. That's kinda how things work here... better late then never... XD

Amanda Palmer & The Young Punx - "Map of Tasmania" Music Video

For my first post in, like, forever, I would love to share with you some more AFP goodness! =D

I LOVE THIS. She is totally one of my heroes, and not just because she wears awesome merkins in this video.

I now feel possessed to go home after my shift tonight & make merkins... Perhaps I shall. ^-^

Proper post coming soon. Perhaps with pictures. Probably with pictures. See y'all soon!