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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm suddenly very discontent. I want to get up and go, wander, wander, wander... anywhere
I want to quit my job, quit school...
Working jobs we hate for shit we don't need*...
I want to go traveling. I want to sing on a street corner with the guitar I don't have to earn money.
I want to sit in the park and smoke clove cigarettes, which I can't buy in the US anyways, with people I've never met.
I want to create
I want to destroy everything.
I want to feel like I belong
I'll never belong to anywhere... It's not possible for me...
I want to be free
From what?
I don't know... I just want to be free...
I feel trapped. My outlook is bleak...
I'm sure I'll feel differently tomorrow. I always do.
But right now, I'm pissed off, malcontent...
I feel the wanderlust like never before, and I still can't answer the call...

*Tyler Durden, Fight Club

A Giveaway & a Dumpster...

Alright my lovelies! If you want an awesome blog to read filled with kitchen Witchy goodness, THIS is the blog for you. Head on over, take a peek and follow Zedral Z. And, if you'd like, enter her giveaway!!! It's for lots of awesome goodies from Turkey!!! W00t!

And now for my dumpster story...
So we're moving. All of our clothes and stuff along those lines we've been packing in huge black trash bags, as it keeps them clean & easy to carry. Well Britt has also been packing out trash in the same kind of black trash bags. We piled a bunch of stuff up by the front door to load into the car & take to the new place. As I was finishing packing the last box we were going to take with us that day, Britt made a trash run to the dumpster behind our apartment building. We get to our new place and as we're unpacking our car, she began to wonder what happened to the bag she packed her purses in... one such purse containing our digital camera...
Fast forward a few hours into the future, we're getting up & getting ready to head to work when she suddenly realizes that she had indeed thrown away the bag of purses along with the actual trash... O_O
She was rather upset, so I offered to go dumpster diving on our lunch break, and so at 0230, we drove back to our old place, I hopped into the dumpster, rummaged around, found the bag (yay!!!) and hopped (scrambled, crawled, tumbled, whatever...) back out. XD
We then ran to our new apartment and I showered off... On the bright side, the dumpster had recently been emptied, so I didn't have to wade through too much nastiness... lolz... She also got a picture of me standing in the dumpster, so if I can find a way to get it off her cell phone & onto the internet, I'll post it. ^-^

All in all, I had fun and I'm glad we have our camera. Note to self (and partner): Keep trash & other things separate. Oops... lolz. ^-^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Quote... "AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

I couldn't have put things better myself... Zedral Z has hit the proverbial nail on the head. I'm not sure exactly why she's damning Mercury in retrograde, but I'm going to damn it too... my communication is all sorts of fucked up. -____- #
Britt & I are snappy at each other, and even when I'm trying to be nice, I still sound like an asshole... go figure. I know that this isn't entirely the planet's fault, I am to blame as well, but it seemed strange to me that all this shit hit the fan all at once, all of a sudden... meh...
I also know that it doesn't help that we're both ridiculously sleep deprived and stressed about moving & school. Work is not exactly a low stress environment either... Hmph.
We can't wait for this week to be over, as for better or worse, we're out of our old place and into the new one entirely. Living between the two apartments is really irritating, but we can't bring over our cats yet to the new place.


Frustrations and tensions are running high at our place, and I just want things back to normal for us. We hardly ever fight/argue/bicker/whatever... it seems that at the moment we've been doing far more than our share.


On a brighter note, we're both actively trying to not be assholes to each other & be as patient as possible with one another. This will help.

Whew... I hate conflict within my house. Meh. I'm off to go hug Britt. I do have an absolutely awesome story for another post though... involving a dumpster... ^-^

Monday, April 26, 2010

I have a plan... I think...

Not that this makes much a difference, as my plans are usually changed last minute anyway, but it feels better to have some sort of guidelines I suppose... O_o;

When I get off work this morning, I'll head home, we'll load up the car with what's packed & ready to go, then head either to storage or the new place. Then we'll head home & go room by room. This systematic approach will hopefully help Britt & I stop running around like chickens with our heads chopped off... I think it will also help us see that we have indeed accomplished something, as right now our house looks like a tornado just came through. Whew...

Staring blankly at the screen... lolz... Turned on the Pink Floyd tonight. Something to chill me out... After bed meeting at 0100 I'm going to dive into my math homework and hopefully get what's due on Wednesday done and submitted tonight. Still not sure how I feel about this whole online class thing... At least it's going better this time around. Then off to the realms of psychology to read my assigned chapters & perhaps do some research for my paper that's due a week from tomorrow. At least I have a topic... ish... ^-^

Well then. If I get any time tonight (aka, I get all my homework finished...) I think I'll haul out my tarot deck that I've been carrying around with me for the past week and do a practice reading or two... just to get re-acquainted and what not. ^-^

Alrighty. Off to homework!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So much to do... So little time... O_O;

We have until the 30th to get everything moved & cleaned. I feel like we're running out of time. More specifically, I feel like due to work & school, we're running out of time. Sigh. We didn't do anything yesterday due to wacky work schedules, but I think that since Britt has tonight off, we'll sleep when we get home from work, get up in the afternoon & then do some serious packing & cleaning. I think we'll focus on the kitchen today... At the new place, we'll put up the curtains & the shelves in the kitchen that will serve as my altar/shrine, as the 3 drawer chest of drawers I'm using now isn't going to be practical in the new place. I'm also thinking about moving the mattress over... but not until I figure out how to put the frame back together. Anywho. I think I'm going to take a nap for a bit. Happy Birthday to my beloved friend Lauren... congratulations, you've survived a quarter century. =P Love you my dear.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heave, HO!!!

Spent a good part of the day today (well, yesterday, whatever...) moving more stuff over to the new place. It's finally beginning to look like home. Sort of. I hung up my HUGE wall hanging of the Green Man, so the living room feels all nice & home-y now. ^-^
We moved the futon frame over to the new place, which was interesting as I had to take it apart impromptu, as we discovered it wouldn't otherwise fit into our car. Now we'll have to see if I can remember how the damn thing goes back together... O_o; We decided to leave the mattress at our current place so we can sleep with the cats for a while still, as they aren't moving until the 30th. They get lonely without us... and we get decidedly lonely without them! I'm not sure if we're going to move more stuff in the morning and then sleep in the afternoon or the other way around... we're kind of winging it at the moment... but then again, when aren't we?
Alrighty then... I think I'll start on this coming week's chemistry homework & get it out of the way. Hope everyone had a lovely day (I got rained on... quite a bit... lolz...) and I shall go do homework. Zya! ^-^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Medicinal carrots... that I'm keeping... for a friend...

If you've seen the first season of Dollhouse, you might recognize this as part of the conversation between Alpha (posing as Steven Kepler, the genius behind the dollhouses) & the FBI agent, whose name currently escapes me. Anywho, at another point in the conversation, Alpha points out how completely asinine it is that we celebrate an "Earth Day" once a year, since we reside here 365-366 days EVERY year... He jokes that once we've become extinct, the Earth will have a "Humans Day" perhaps once a year to commemorate how awful most people were... This struck me as rather profound. I hoped to post the video clip (it's awesome) but Hulu took it down & I can't find it anywhere else at the moment. It made me think quite a bit though on how absolutely ridiculous it is that there is only ONE DAY A YEAR dedicated to "Being green" & the Earth. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that there's at least one day dedicated to this, but seriously... EVERY DAY needs to be Earth Day, or we as a species are royally fucked (not to put too fine a point on it...). I'm no where near perfect in this area, but I'm working on it. I hope we all are. I found this small bit of conversation in a TV show to be my epiphany & inspiration to live better & take better care of our Mother. Be inspired today! Happy Earth Day, today & every day!!! ^-^


So I went & signed the lease for our new apartment yesterday morning. Yay! Britt had to attend a CPR class, so she'll go sign it later. After her class, we gathered our cleaning supplies, and for good luck our plants & only cat we were willing to take with us due to cleaning fumes... Yep... Kyo came with us in his little urn, got to go into the new place first & currently resides on the kitchen window sill. He'll have a permanent place to sit on my kitchen shrine/altar once I get the shelves up (as the china hutch where he used to sit is staying in storage), but the window sill works for now... Ye gods how I miss him... :'(

Anywho... We cleaned & scrubbed for almost six hours & got most of it finished. Yay!!! There's still a bit here & there, but we can get it this weekend. Whew... I went to bed for two hours and now am back at work. Homework comes next & then to school tomorrow. Perhaps I'll sleep somewhere in between?

Subject change!
I'm kind of upset that in the recent past, every time I try to plan time for myself, whether to read, craft, soak in the tub,
whatever, I always seem to end up doing something else instead. I tend to not realize I've done this until after the fact, which is even more frustrating to me. I seem to be having a bit of a difficult time with this especially now that we're in the process of moving... I'll add this problem to the list of negative behaviors/habits that we're trying to leave behind us when we move.

In other strange news, I finally realized why our new kitchen looked like it was missing something... It is (kinda...). I was looking around today when I suddenly noticed that there is no microwave. We decided that we're not going to get one (how healthy can eating all that radiation really be???), but rather try to plan things ahead a bit so as to not need one. The thing I'm most excited for? I GET TO BUY A TEA KETTLE!!! XD
I'm such a dork... ^-^ ... and I love it...
Anywho. Off to homework! Hope y'all are having a lovely night! ^-^

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Death & Rebirth

Some days, I'm not sure which way is up (or down or sideways for that matter...). I'm definitely on the cusp of ending one chapter in my life and beginning a decidedly better one. This current chapter seems intent upon giving me one last swift kick to the face though...

This weekend was a wonderful & awful couple of days. On the wonderful side, Britt & I got the apartment we so badly wanted. We're ecstatic. We can't wait to move in. We sign the lease & get the keys on Wednesday. We also got her student loan, which in the end saved our asses...

On Friday, the court authorized the collection agency I've owed money to for a while to withdraw $1100 from my our bank account... My heart almost stopped. I almost threw up. I wanted to die just a little. I haven't felt that low for a long time, possibly ever. I am my girlfriend's father... -__-#

What kills me the most, is that I'd planned on calling the place to make payment arrangements as soon as we'd finished moving. I hate when I fuck myself over by acting too late... sigh...

Oh well. What's done is done, and on the bright side, I can get my license back now that my ticket is fully paid off. What's more, I can get an expanded license so Britt & I can go to Canada again. Yay! She was amazing throughout that horrible day, and more supportive than I could have hoped. I have the best partner EVER. I am so lucky. ^-^

Anywho... onto better things! I finished my CVU CNA orientation this weekend, so now I can officially work as a CNA. Yay! Almost eternal possibilities to pick up shifts! ^-^

I have three days off now before my seven on in the Staffing office start, so I'm going to have a night to myself tonight & then pack, pack, pack. I'll probably head to work to take my online math test early in the morning, but I'm going to use the rest of the night to do whatever I want... and probably pack a little too... ^-^ I plan to finish my book (if you've never read the Fablehaven series, READ IT. And yes, I know it was written for young readers, but you can't beat an awesome story!!!) I also want to craft tonight. I found my art journal that I started in November (then lost... oops...) and I found my stamps & ink, which I'd also "lost", but were actually hiding in plain site... under the Annalee Dolls that my mom got me for xmas the past two years... duuuurrr... lolz.

Well then... Since the group of intellectual rejects at the table next to us is getting louder by the minute (are they still drunk from last night??? O_o), I think Britt & I will take our leave without getting any breakfast (just coffee) and go forage for food elsewhere... My IQ is dropping... pain... I shall update (perhaps with pictures!) later, once I've had some time to do whatever it is I'ma gonna do. Hope all y'all are having as lovely a day as I'm going to have! If you have sun, go outside & enjoy it! If rain, pull on your galoshes & go puddle jumping! ^_____^ Happiness & fun to everyone this lovely Sunday! ^-^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm so happy I could pop! Reggie, one of the RNs I work with, just invited me to join her & her group for Beltane. ^-^ They're hosting an open ritual, family friendly & they're going to have a May Pole!!! I'm excited for the May Pole... XD
As a rather solitary person in most parts of my life, I find it difficult to find others in my area similar to myself. Books are wonderful teaching tools, but they can't replace experience & interaction with people... Anywho. I'm excited & squeefully happy. Also a wee bit nervous, but mostly just excited. ^-^

Alrighty... back to work!
Wishing this headache would go away... I've had it for 11 hours now... nothing is seeming to help, so I think some lavender tincture will be in order as soon as I get home. Sigh... so much packing to do tomorrow. I think I'll sleep when I get home, then get up in the afternoon with Britt (she works evening shift... bleh...) and pack for a while. I'm hoping to make a noticeable dent in things... I also want to get the kitchen cleaned up & bake some bread or something. I haven't done so the past few times I've wanted to, and I'm starting to feel less than great. I always start to feel unwell when I don't make time for myself & the things I love to do. I think I'll soak in the tub tomorrow as well... perhaps I'll make some tub tea & turn myself into a mass of wrinkles... and then do some baking. ^-^ That sounds just wonderful... Anywho... this headache is making staring at a computer screen painful, so I'm outta here until later & off to finish my math...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt!

Prompt: De-stressing

It's been a rough week, at work and at home. You feel scattered and scrambled. How do you de-stress and recover? What is your favorite way to unwind and rejuvenate?

I love to curl up with a good book & get lost in another world. I'll grab a cup of tea or a soda (diet Pepsi!!!!) and maybe something nommy to eat and dive head first into someplace else. I suppose this is a form of escapism, but it seems to work rather well for me... I always feel better when I resurface & feel like I can take on whatever gets thrown my way.

I also like to pull out whatever craft I'm currently working on (usually several...) and poke at it a bit. This is something I love to do & wish I did more of... especially right now with moving & school stress added to my usual stresses, I feel more acutely the need for a vacation from life... : s

I'll be happy once we're moved... ^-^

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Another Quickie...

Things are kinda nuts at the moment. With school just starting this quarter, we haven't fallen into any particular kind of rhythm yet. And we may be moving two weeks sooner than expected. @_@ We filled out an application for an apartment yesterday. It's tiny. It's awesome. It has a BIG porch! ^-^ I'm trying not to be too excited yet, as we may not get it, but both Britt & I can see ourselves living there. Sigh... Waiting to hear back from the realty place might just kill me... Today is going to be a busy day... I worked last night, have class from 900-1130, go home & nap, go back to class at 1515-1835, belly dance 1815-1915, nap, bring Britt to work at 2100 & then go to work at 2300. Again I say @_@...

I think some caffeine will be in order tonight... Anywho! Off to finish Staffing stuff... then to school. Hopefully it'll stop raining today & warm up a bit... brrrrrrrr...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sigh... Somedays I feel like no matter what I do, I'm fucked. Some days I feel that I just can't win... Tomorrow will be better. It has to be... -_-;

Monday, April 05, 2010

Coffee & Homework... sorta...

Once again sitting at my favourite restaurant, at my favourite table, having eaten my favourite dish (at the moment it's BLT) with my favourite person (Britty... was there ever any doubt??? XD)
Anywho! It's a grey, slightly rainy day... Perfect for doing school work! ^-^ Just popped by quick and found a most wonderful suggestion from Zedral Z (Witchin' in the Kitchen) on how to do practice Tarot readings... I can't wait to get home & haul out my deck. ^_______^ She also has a very interesting Sutra to contemplate in her last post. Go here to see...

Anywho (again...)! I foresee a great deal of cleaning today. The power is back on & the kitchen is a mess! Ack! I think that I'll clean my house before I work with my deck... messy house = messy energy = less than clear readings. Perhaps I'll bake something today too... my oven's been out of use for a while... I also need to go grocery shopping...

I suppose I should head over to my online class website & log in & do any homework I might have. Bleh...

And, naturally since I have homework & housework to do, I feel super crafty today! Perhaps I'll get everything done & still have time to craft... and perhaps I'll drink a pot of coffee & stay up all night... ^-^

Off to conquer the homework!


Saturday, April 03, 2010


It's been a long couple of days... The 31st of March was the two year anniversary of my Kyo's death, and while I'm no longer a complete wreck, I'm still missing that special something that only he, as a giant, fluffy orange cat, could provide. I miss him so much...

Our power was turned off for a few days, as we chose to pay other bills instead of the power bill last month, but we knew the risk we were taking. It's back on now, and Britt's supremely happy. Unlike me, she really doesn't do well in the dark.

Britt's dad was super sweet & came by to pick up our frozen food so that it wouldn't go bad. He's just the best sometimes. ^-^ We're heading up there for dinner tomorrow, so I suppose we'll grab our food while we're there too. I'm hoping the weather is decent so we can be outside a bit...

Yesterday, I just couldn't win... lolz. I went to school to pick up Britt's & my text books for this quarter, thinking I'd spend $300 bucks at most... and ended up spending $414... my two books were $300... The kicker is that my Psych book is not only used, but un-bound... I have to provide the 3-ring binder, and it was still $100... O_o What. The. FUCK??? And then we come to my math "bundle", 2/3 of which I'll not have to use (as I'm in the online class & we don't even USE the damn book, and who wants a stupid DVD???), and the other third I'll use ONCE to log into my class the first time... WTF... sigh. Oh well. I'm looking online tonight to try to find them cheaper... On the bright side, even if I don't find them cheaper, at least we have our books for this quarter.

Then I went to go get the power turned back on. I only paid for 10 minutes of parking, as I've never been in there for more than 5, but I had to call the company using the phone in the office & ended up being on hold for 15 minutes while they did who knows what... and got a parking ticket. -_- #

I went home feeling angry & defeated, cried because I missed my cat & then went to join Britt in bed (she'd had an insanely busy night at work the night before so I made her stay home that morning...). She woke up & snuggled me in her arms, which always makes everything better. I slept like a baby & felt 100% better when I woke up.

Britty, you are wonderful & amazing! You have the magical ability to make me feel better, no matter what. I love you. ^-^

Whew... Looooong post... So. Today has been pretty good, aside from that I went to the store to get cereal (Cupcake Pebbles to be exact... ) & they were out. Oh well. I'll look again later.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow, as it's the two years ago Aunty Mel died... But we'll cross this bridge when we come to it. I'm mostly worried for Britt. Aunty Mel was like a mom to her. She was one of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and my life is richer and I am a better person for having her in my life. I love you Aunty Mel. ^-^

Well then. I think this pretty much covers everything for now... I'm off to read my book for a bit, but I hope you all have a happy Easter, no matter how you celebrate (if at all). I'm going to go shopping for Easter basket stuff tonight, but only a little candy, as both Britt & I are making every effort not to become diabetic... lolz. Anywho. Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies! ^-^