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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws'

And THIS is why I'll never get to have a Christmas tree unless I hang it from the ceiling. XD


  1. Oh. My. God! You are psychic! I remember coming across Simon's cat ages ago and posting a wee video that I fell in love. I'd forgotten all about him and then when I was out shopping the last day I saw one of his books and thought, "I must go hunt down some more of his videos for the blog." Today I was going to go look for some! Weird. Anyway, this is adorable! It's almost exactly like what our George used to do but she was a lazy auld sort and used to fall asleep half way up the tree. Ah, better times :) Anyway, I'm not going to steal this for the blog but I am off to share it on Facebook! Thanks missus and hope you're having a lovely weekend!
    Roisin x

    p.s. I really better make some dinner but when I get back I'll send you my address. I'll be expecting to get your's in return mind! We can send each other New Year's cards :)


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