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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Ramblings... ^-^

Whew! Keeping day time, normal-person hours these past few days is totally making me all wonky! I was up for about 24 hours yesterday, slept for about four hours this morning & then was up again at 0800. It feels like it's super late, but according to my clocks, it's only 1915... o_O

Such a weird feeling... ^-^

So Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows pt. 1 was awesome! =D

I can't wait for the second part!

Desty was uber happy to have a break from hubby & baby... she said that she's never been so thankful to just sit & do nothing.

She got here about 0930 this morning & I cooked breakfast for her & Britt (and me, of course...). We hung around the apartment for little while & then went to our movie. Afterward we just hung around some more. She played with the kitties while Britt painted a bit & I made soup for lunch.

Then I took her back home & napped with my kitties in front of the heater for like an hour... lolz... warm toes & snugly cats = bliss. What made it even better is that I was dozing on the living room floor, with the soft glow of my xmas lights shining on me. I love holiday lights! I think I may leave them up all year... Hmmmm...

Anywho. I'm off to go wake up Britt, who is taking a real nap in the bed, so that we can work on holiday cards!!!

Heads up, if you're getting a card from me, I can almost guarantee it will be late... But fear not, that's why there's 12 whole days of Christmas... for those of us who just can't get shit done on time. XD

Oh yes... and if you missed the original post & want a card from me, email me your snail mail to & I'll send you a card! ^-^

Hope all y'all have a wonderful night! ^-^


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