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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Mutterings

Good morning! It's Monday, which means I've only got today & tomorrow off before heading back to work Wednesday night... @_@

So NOT ready to go back, but oh well...

Still trying to figure out the holiday cards... and now also trying to figure out what I'm making for the few people I'm actually making something for. Meep...

That stupid muscle I pulled in my neck yesterday hurts far worse today & is driving me up the wall... I think I may have to take a hot shower & rub something on it. Huzzah for Tiger Balm & White Flower Oil!

First thing to do on my list today is to finish baking cookies!

And apparently miss my mouth & pour tea down my face & chest... o_O


Anywho... I'm off to finish baking & drink some more tea. Macha promised to help with the present making, but I'm thinking she's more of the "I'll supervise" types... XD

Have a great Monday everyone! ^-^


  1. I'm trying to organise the presents I'm making this evening too! Really should've started ages ago... Anyway, one thing I'm wondering about and you seem to be the woman to ask, I'm planning on baking some stained-glass cookies and making peppermint creams. I've not made either before, though the look simple enough so that's not what I'm worried about. What I am wondering is how long they'll keep for? Should I wait till maybe next week or so? Anyway, you seem to be quite the little baker so I thought you might be able to advise me!

  2. Hope your neck has improved today! Did you get the baking done? I just barely hammered out some cards - just have to get them in the mail...

    Hope you get everything done you want to before you head back to work!

  3. Mmmmm and what kind of cookies dare I ask? :))

  4. I'll live vicariously through you with the baking of the cookies....trying to lose some weight so no baking this year....I sample too much !

    p.s. I grabbed one of your buttons and would love if you'd grab mine. Also, thanks for your supportive comment on my post today.


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