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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday... and I'm DONE with Finals!!! =D

So I've spent the last hour happily munching left over pizza & perusing the blogs I follow. But now, since I've caught up on my reading, I think it's time for putting up the xmas lights I've been meaning to hang for the past two weeks... 0_O

Now that finals are over (WOOHOO!!!), I've got lots of time! YAY!!!

So I think that today, as I sip my spiced pear cider, I'll hang the lights, do the dishes, vacuum... and then figure out what bills need to go out today. Perhaps when that's done, though, Britt & I will go fake tree hunting again... I would really like to get a tree in here ASAP...

I've also got wreath making, holiday card making & present making on my To Do list, so hopefully I'll get some of those started today as well. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to hang up the lights! Hope y'all have a most wonderful Friday! ^-^



  1. Congratulations on being done for the quarter!!!
    It's one of the best feelings!
    I hope you find a wonderful tree. This year I went with my brothers and families up to the mountains to get a tree. It was a lot of fun when we got there, but as we were scaling the snowy icy steep mountain-side road I wondered a time or two why I didn't just pick up a nice one the RightAid we had passes a few hours before! :-)
    Have a wonderful time decorating!

  2. Yay for finishing (and for left over pizza)!

    Have fun on your tree hunt :)

  3. yay for finals being over!

    good luck with the tree hunt! there are some nice fake ones out there these days. we got ours at home depot a few years back and it's still looking pretty good...

    hope you have a great and festive weekend!


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