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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Last night of my seven on! Woohoo!!!


I'm so excited for some days off to clean & craft! And with my last final on Thursday, I'll finally be able to just chill out & not worry about homework, class & tests! ^-^

After I get off work, I'll be heading to Lynden to visit with my sister in law & her baby.


I just realized... I haven't posted any pics of him! What kind of aunty am I??? I'll have to remedy this horrible oversight soon...


I have grand plans to hang the xmas lights, clean my house & study for my chemistry final as well tomorrow. I'm excited for the first two tasks, not so much for the second. Meh... I'm so ready to be done with this class... It's not that I dislike chemistry. Quite the opposite, actually, I just have had quite enough of the disorganized, moody disaster that is my teacher. Oh well. One more day of class & I'm DONE! =D

I best get back to hunting down staff requests for day shift, so I'll pop back in later & show off my supremely adorable nephew. ^-^


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  1. Woo hoo for time off! I hope your last day goes quickly and you get a lot done on your time off! :) And thank you so much for the encouraging comment you left on my blog!!! :D


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