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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


My brain is refusing to cooperate... o_O

It knows I have to have this paper finished by 1000 tomorrow morning, yet it's refusing to focus...



I think I need to learn to write my papers at the beginning of the school quarter, when I'm still excited to be starting out, as opposed to the end, where I'm just so very ready to be finished.


It also doesn't help that the topics I find interesting I have a difficult time finding peer reviewed article on. At least free peer reviewed articles. Gah... Does no one else find it interesting that so many other cultures had/have more than just two genders???
And if they do, then why must they charge so much for their articles? Ack.

Anywho... I'm done ranting for the moment, and off to try & find some usable resources for my paper, as all the resources I thought I had, aren't terribly useful after all.


Hoping everyone had a wonderful first day of December! ^-^


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  1. ooh, that sounds like a great paper! hope that you find what you need ( and free is always better)...

    thanks for the positive words this morning...they definitely made a difference.



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