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Monday, December 27, 2010


In an hour & a half we'll be on our way to the Harry Potter exhibit at the science center in Seattle... YAY!!! =D

I promise a proper post (hopefully with pics!) in the near future! But for now, I must go put on some clothes so we can GO!!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! =D

Merry Christmas, my loves!

It's 0530 in the morning, and I have no idea why I'm up... o_O

I helped the brother in law unload a trailer full of wood yesterday afternoon, and a sore as hell today... So I'm off to take a bubble bath. ^-^

I managed to get a tree! =D

It's not hanging from the ceiling as planned, but rather sitting on my counter... I'll post pics soon. I also finished our stockings! ^-^

Alas, my internet is only temporarily fixed... I'm using a power cord to my netbook to power my router... It may explode at any moment... XD

So without further ado, I wish you all a very merry Christmas! I wish peace & joy & love for all of you & your families & friends. Have a wonderful, magic filled day my darlings! ^-^


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Damh the Bard - Noon of the Solstice

Happy Solstice, my dears! ^-^

Wanted to share the song that's been stuck in my head all night. Hope you enjoy!

And as the internet at my house is down until at least Friday, I'm wishing all y'all a most wonderful Yule & a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & a wonderful Kwanza! And just to cover any other holidays I missed, Happy Holidays to all! =D

May each of us enjoy our time with family & friends, and not let stress get the best of us. ^-^

Knowing that I've got you lot for friends is the best holiday gift ever. You bring light & love & laughter into my life. You are wonderful! ^-^

Let us welcome the Holly King & the returning light (and warmth... I hope...)

I hope everyone has a most wonderful day, no matter what or how you choose to celebrate.

Love & hugs & kisses ^-^


PS... If you celebrate a holiday I did miss, please let me know... I love to learn about new stuff like that! :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simon's Cat in 'Santa Claws'

And THIS is why I'll never get to have a Christmas tree unless I hang it from the ceiling. XD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out with the old & in with the new!

Good morning... afternoon... whatever...


I originally thought about posting this post in response to a question Amber from yellow flower.
She asked me if Britt & I have any Winter holiday traditions. At the time I told her we didn't, as we've only successfully not despised the Winter holidays since last Yule. ^-^

I was slightly mistaken, however. Last year, after I determined to enjoy every part of the year for what it added to the whole, Britt & I decided that we were going to make it a tradition at our place to do "Winter Cleaning" on the 25th of December. It's kind of our way of opposing the disgusting excess to which a good number of Americans indulge in for Christmas.

I was lucky to come from a family who always had very modest Christmas gift giving. My parents made the holidays about family & friends, giving to others (via time, volunteering, etc) more than receiving material gifts.

I remember one year, I think I was 8 or so, that my parents just didn't have any money for gifts. They were rather upset, as they thought my brother, sister & I would be upset, but in one of those "From the mouths of babes" moments, we informed my parents that we didn't care, because we had our family & that's what mattered. Looking back, I wish I could have taken a picture of their expressions. Priceless... shock mixed with pride. ^-^ They both probably teared up a bit... lolz...

No one else understood though. A few people found out somehow that my family "wasn't having Christmas" *facepalm* and got my siblings & I some gifts. It was truly sweet & kind of them, but I pitied them for not understanding that we still would have "had Christmas", even if we weren't opening gifts. I've never understood the importance to which people place on gift giving.

Britt's family was the opposite end of the spectrum. I didn't believe her when she told me, until the first Christmas we were together & I saw it with my own two eyes. Her extended family nearly bankrupt themselves buying shit for each other. It's the most insane vision of ridiculous excess I've ever seen. Very few things actually shock me, but this is one of them. Presents piled higher than I am tall (I'm almost five & a half feet...), taking up most of the living room space. Completely. Insane. But that's how her family prove to each other that they love each other. By trying to buy the most or the best gifts. And expecting to receive at least as much back. It hurts my brain. After seeing this, it was no wonder to me why Britt loathed the holidays.

Her hatred for the Winter holidays made me dislike them as well, because she was always so miserable. Add to that two or three Christmases ago when we went to pick her mother up from jail & ended up with her living with us for a few months (the worst time of my life, I shit you not), and here we have a recipe for some serious holiday hatred.

Now for the light at the top of the tree... ^-^

I've considered myself a Pagan for several years, and a Witch for almost as long. As such, I've moved away from the Christian holidays I was raised with & into the Pagan ones they were borrowed from. I still acknowledge Christmas in that I always call my family on the 24th & 25th & wish them a merry Christmas. We also go to Britt's parents' house for dinner on the 24th. Celebrating the family aspect of Christmas has always been important to me, and I see no reason to change it. ^-^

The thing Britt & I have changed, however, is that on Christmas day, we don't give gifts. We usually don't have any money anyways, lolz... We get/make each other little things all throughout the year. It doesn't make sense to either of us to buy a bunch of stuff for one day. Not that I'm against gift giving. I love to make & give gifts to people! But everything in moderation! ^-^

What we do on Christmas day is clean our house. We open the windows & let in the freezing cold air. We do a pre-Spring cleaning.

Our thought behind this new tradition is that we want to start the new year fresh. We don't want to take into the new year any old dust & cobwebs (no matter how much I love cobwebs...) of the literal or emotional kind. It's the day we start preparing for new things, new opportunities, new friends, new anything & everything.

We go through our clothes & make stop at Goodwill. We scrub & scour everything. It's exhausting, but both Britt & I felt so good, so wonderful & happy after doing this last year, we decided that it was worth making a tradition. We're finding a new way to combat her past darkness & shining light into all the dark corners. Nothing negative will get away from this cleaning, and we are better for it afterward!

This year I'm also going to add to the physical cleaning a spiritual side. I'm not quite sure exactly what, yet, but I think that I'll take some things from Serenity Athenina over at the Domestic Pagan from her awesome post about Winter magic for your home. Check it out! ^-^

Well then. That about sums it up as to why Britt & I no longer cringe once Halloween is over. If you're still hating the Winter holidays, I fully encourage you to revamp them in ways that fulfill YOU & make YOU happy! ^-^

Hoping all of you have most wonderful Winter holidays, no matter how you choose to celebrate them. This is the season celebrating the return of light. Warm your hearts with friends & family. Warm your hands with steaming mugs of eggnog or cocoa. Find your inner light & let it shine forth from you, illuminating all you see & do. Do things that have meaning to YOU & you will find peace & fulfillment. Blessed be!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Mutterings

Good morning! It's Monday, which means I've only got today & tomorrow off before heading back to work Wednesday night... @_@

So NOT ready to go back, but oh well...

Still trying to figure out the holiday cards... and now also trying to figure out what I'm making for the few people I'm actually making something for. Meep...

That stupid muscle I pulled in my neck yesterday hurts far worse today & is driving me up the wall... I think I may have to take a hot shower & rub something on it. Huzzah for Tiger Balm & White Flower Oil!

First thing to do on my list today is to finish baking cookies!

And apparently miss my mouth & pour tea down my face & chest... o_O


Anywho... I'm off to finish baking & drink some more tea. Macha promised to help with the present making, but I'm thinking she's more of the "I'll supervise" types... XD

Have a great Monday everyone! ^-^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Ramblings... ^-^

Whew! Keeping day time, normal-person hours these past few days is totally making me all wonky! I was up for about 24 hours yesterday, slept for about four hours this morning & then was up again at 0800. It feels like it's super late, but according to my clocks, it's only 1915... o_O

Such a weird feeling... ^-^

So Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows pt. 1 was awesome! =D

I can't wait for the second part!

Desty was uber happy to have a break from hubby & baby... she said that she's never been so thankful to just sit & do nothing.

She got here about 0930 this morning & I cooked breakfast for her & Britt (and me, of course...). We hung around the apartment for little while & then went to our movie. Afterward we just hung around some more. She played with the kitties while Britt painted a bit & I made soup for lunch.

Then I took her back home & napped with my kitties in front of the heater for like an hour... lolz... warm toes & snugly cats = bliss. What made it even better is that I was dozing on the living room floor, with the soft glow of my xmas lights shining on me. I love holiday lights! I think I may leave them up all year... Hmmmm...

Anywho. I'm off to go wake up Britt, who is taking a real nap in the bed, so that we can work on holiday cards!!!

Heads up, if you're getting a card from me, I can almost guarantee it will be late... But fear not, that's why there's 12 whole days of Christmas... for those of us who just can't get shit done on time. XD

Oh yes... and if you missed the original post & want a card from me, email me your snail mail to & I'll send you a card! ^-^

Hope all y'all have a wonderful night! ^-^



Good morning! =D

I'm standing in my wonderfully clean kitchen/living room, sipping koffee with peppermint creamer, waiting for my sis in law to get here. We're going, along with Britt, to go see Harry Potter today!!! Squee!!!

It's kind of a tradition that we take her to go see Harry Potter, whenever a new one comes out. ^-^
The baby will be with daddy today, so we get Destinee all to ourselves for a few hours & she gets to take a brief break from all the busybusybusyness. I think it's a win-win situation here. ^-^

In other news, I got my holiday lights hung up last night (early this morning... whatever.) I had two strands, which only go around my kitchen & part way down the hallway, but I'm supremely pleased with them! And now I get to buy more lights to finish up the hallway & the living room. =D

Anywho... Desty just called & I'm gonna go pick her up from her hubby's cousin's house a few minutes away. ^-^

Have a most wonderful Saturday my darlings! =D


Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Friday... and I'm DONE with Finals!!! =D

So I've spent the last hour happily munching left over pizza & perusing the blogs I follow. But now, since I've caught up on my reading, I think it's time for putting up the xmas lights I've been meaning to hang for the past two weeks... 0_O

Now that finals are over (WOOHOO!!!), I've got lots of time! YAY!!!

So I think that today, as I sip my spiced pear cider, I'll hang the lights, do the dishes, vacuum... and then figure out what bills need to go out today. Perhaps when that's done, though, Britt & I will go fake tree hunting again... I would really like to get a tree in here ASAP...

I've also got wreath making, holiday card making & present making on my To Do list, so hopefully I'll get some of those started today as well. ^-^

Well then... I'm off to hang up the lights! Hope y'all have a most wonderful Friday! ^-^


Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Last night of my seven on! Woohoo!!!


I'm so excited for some days off to clean & craft! And with my last final on Thursday, I'll finally be able to just chill out & not worry about homework, class & tests! ^-^

After I get off work, I'll be heading to Lynden to visit with my sister in law & her baby.


I just realized... I haven't posted any pics of him! What kind of aunty am I??? I'll have to remedy this horrible oversight soon...


I have grand plans to hang the xmas lights, clean my house & study for my chemistry final as well tomorrow. I'm excited for the first two tasks, not so much for the second. Meh... I'm so ready to be done with this class... It's not that I dislike chemistry. Quite the opposite, actually, I just have had quite enough of the disorganized, moody disaster that is my teacher. Oh well. One more day of class & I'm DONE! =D

I best get back to hunting down staff requests for day shift, so I'll pop back in later & show off my supremely adorable nephew. ^-^


Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Mutterings...

I should be in bed, happily asleep, so that I can be bright eyed & bushy tailed at work tonight. Or at least somewhat awake... o_O

But instead, I caught up on my NCIS episodes, poked through some blog posts, began my in depth research about successful e-zines, researched ipads & Wacom n
Intuos4 tablets, and decided that neither are quite what I'm looking for. Don't get me wrong, they're both fantastic, but still not quite what I'm looking for. I'm actually not quite sure what I'm looking for, but know that neither of them is quite it (not that I'd complain if Santa happened to drop either... or both? off at my house... ) Huh...


Anywho... Along with a bunch of other lovely bloggers, I'm making holiday cards this year. If you'd like a snail mail card, please email your address to:

Just to let you know, they will probably arrive late. I rarely get anything out on time, I'm aiming for several days before Yule, but like I said...

I'll be late to my own funeral... lolz...


Anywho, I'd love to send you a card if you'd like one!

Well then... I'm either off to go to bed & try & sleep (so not sleepy...) or to work on chemistry. Either way, I'll be doing something I've got to do eventually. ^-^

Happy Monday to y'all & I hope you're having a marvelous day! ^-^


Thursday, December 02, 2010


The paper is written. I have now been up for 29 hours. I'm going to go lay in bed until I must get up for chemistry. Unless I skip class today. Hm... Tempting... ^_~

Anywho... Perhaps a post of substance tonight whilst at work? Perhaps...

Nighty night my darlings!

Oh. And for all of those who may need it, here's some extra big hugs & kisses. ^-^
And since I ganked the image from this site, I figured I'd be a good little blogger & cite my sources. XD

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


My brain is refusing to cooperate... o_O

It knows I have to have this paper finished by 1000 tomorrow morning, yet it's refusing to focus...



I think I need to learn to write my papers at the beginning of the school quarter, when I'm still excited to be starting out, as opposed to the end, where I'm just so very ready to be finished.


It also doesn't help that the topics I find interesting I have a difficult time finding peer reviewed article on. At least free peer reviewed articles. Gah... Does no one else find it interesting that so many other cultures had/have more than just two genders???
And if they do, then why must they charge so much for their articles? Ack.

Anywho... I'm done ranting for the moment, and off to try & find some usable resources for my paper, as all the resources I thought I had, aren't terribly useful after all.


Hoping everyone had a wonderful first day of December! ^-^