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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where's that Lorax???

Sigh... They came back & chopped down more trees today. The sound of the mulcher makes my stomach roil. I can feel it in my bones. First, they cut down the four big, beautiful pines that were growing right off my deck. I loved those trees, damn it. They were so gorgeous. I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing them all covered in snow this year. I was going to hang bird feeders in them. And pine cones slathered in peanut butter, then dipped in bird seed...

Now I have to stare at my neighbors & make sure I wear clothes, even when I'm inside. Arg.

They did this a few days ago, then came back today to chop down more trees in the neighboring complex. I really can't fathom why they'd want to chop them down... They weren't even growing too close to the buildings (they were much farther away than the requisite 30 feet...) I watched them cut down one, but watching it fall ripped my heart out & I couldn't watch anymore.

But no one listened to the Lorax anyways, did they? Sigh...

People think I'm nuts for crying over trees... but I loved them. They made me quite happy, and now they're gone. And I'm really bummed out. Muur.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your trees! I understand all too well. Trees often feel like old friends and seeing them destroyed is heartbreaking.

  2. I don't think you're crazy at all. Joe and I are house hunting and my only two requirements are it needs to have nearly an acre if not more of a yard and there MUST BE TREES. The bigger, older and more friendly the better. Growing up we had so many old oaks in our yard and a massive, massive pine tree and I spent a lot of time curled up at their roots to read, to chat, the think, to cry and I hate not having that in an apartment.

    I mourn the loss of your trees with you, for every tree felled for no good reason is a waste of a spirit to me. *hugs*

  3. who cuts down perfectly good trees?!
    that should really be against the law...

  4. This is an all too familiar story. Exactly the same thing has been going on in my town on and off for years now. I just can't understand it myself. The cut down all the old wise trees full of character and then replace them with these over-pruned 'pretty' ones. And that's if they replace them at all. It drives me insane! Really, I've been known to get a tad worked up over this carry on. I feel your pain missus. All the way over on the otherside of the Atlantic and I know exactly what you're going through. It's madness, all of it!!!


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