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Thursday, November 25, 2010

TURKEY! (Uber pic heavy!!!)

Alrighty. So today I baked my very first turkey. I feel that it went rather well. Nothing burned or exploded, and it turned out moist enough to eat without it being necessary to slather it in gravy. Not that that's a bad idea anyways...

First a wee bit of back story to explain. We usually go to Britt's parents' house on holidays, as they live about 45 minutes away & my family lives about 1500 miles away. We all decided not to have Thanksgiving at their house this year, due to snow & that Britt is working today/tonight.

So. Britt's dad drops by a few days ago & brings us a turkey on his way to bring her younger sister & her husband a turkey as well. It's very sweet of him. He's a wonderful guy like that. ^-^

The only thing is, he brings us a 23 lb. bird...

23 lbs.

There's only two of us & three cats... omfg, what am I going to do with it all???


I'm having visions of eating turkey until next Christmas... X_X

So I'm going to get my mom's recipe for turkey soup... and make a few turkey pot pies... and I'm not quite sure what else. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Seriously. ^-^

Well then. Onto the massive amount of pictures! =D

This is my newly cleared & slightly re-arranged counter. See? No more dishes. I have conquered...

And this is my stove, graced by one of Britt's wonderful mixed media projects. ^-^

Here we have my cookbooks, etc. & the all important koffee pot. And the turkey pan, which almost wasn't big enough... @_@

Our recipe box, just 'cause it's awesome...

Soaking the bird in the tub, as it wouldn't fit into my sink. Yep. 23 lbs. of bird = too big for tiny-ass kitchen sink.


I ended up cutting the neck into three parts in order to fit it into the baggie I placed the giblets into, as I'm going to be making broth with them later. One of the parts I sliced was just perfect & I was able to see & poke at the spinal cord. It was so cool. XD

Bird in the pan. Woohoo for not making a mess (so far...)

Top view, compared to my stove... So. Much. Turkey... @_@

I mixed a bunch of herbs together & then mixed that mixture with olive oil. I then had way too much fun separating the skin from the muscle so I could rub in the herb mixture. That, too, was way cool... ^-^

Um, yes... I then realized that I had put the turkey in the pan before I had bagged it... Oops...

Trying to figure out how to hold open the bag & transfer turkey all at the same time...

I ended up sticking my left hand/forearm (like almost up to my elbow...) into the cavity & then looking like some strange, turkey-wielding maniac, managed to heave the thing into it's bag. There was much profanity. My cats were terribly helpful & just stared, praying I'd drop the damn thing...

But I managed not to, and here we are, all ready to bake! Huzzah! =D

Three and a half hours later, all baked & ready to eat!


Phiphi begs...

As does Lhu... He insists he's far too adorable to not give turkey to... So they both get some turkey, but Phiphi insists, he demands...


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have had a most wonderful day!


btw... yes, I am wearing the most awesome fleece footy pajamas in the world. They even have stars on them that glow in the dark. I love it! XD


  1. Weird, I was just on my way over here when I noticed a your wee comment... Anyway, hope you had a lovely day! I love seeing pics on your blog. Your cats are adorable and I love those pajamas!

  2. Congrats on the turkey! I cooked my first one a while back and felt such a grand sense of accomplishment. Also, Britt's teapot is beautiful! It looks like you had a lovely cozy day. Happy weekend and I hope it wasn't too difficult maneuvering through the crazies! I had to work today and although I would have loved to relax at home, I certainly didn't miss the mad shopping rush.

  3. Oh, can I ever relate to the bathtub turkey! Our sink (well, the whole damn kitchen) is so tiny in our current place that I didn't even consider cooking dinner, we went to a friends instead!

    Congratulations on conquering the task of making a feast! I loved all the photos and am envious of your snazzy jammies!

  4. Nice looking turkey! That is hilarious...your cats all writhing around like that. My oldest cat was out of her mind smelling the turkey being cooked. Lol!

  5. congrats on the turkey! it looks like you had so much fun! oh, and i lloooovveee the footy pajamas! i am off to buy a pair of pj's for myself this morning ( if i can conquer my fear of the living).... and the kittehs are way too cute!


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