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Monday, November 01, 2010

Like a Zombie, risen from the grave... o_O

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

Holy buckets... It's only been a little over two weeks, but it feels like forever since I last was here. It was quite the... interesting... month. A wonderful, horrible, stressful, wonderful month. Depression kicked in the ass, back out to where ever it resides when not pestering me, other painful lessons learned (which seem so obvious in retrospect), and a new life brought into this world by my sister in law. Not to mention my seventh anniversary on Halloween (definitely the wonderful-end-of-the-month part!). ^-^

I hope to never again have a month like the past month was, but at the same time, the few really wonderful parts were so wonderful. And I'm glad to be back. Once I stopped writing here, I felt like I just couldn't start again. So I finally made myself log back in & I feel at home with you all once again. Happiness.

Oh yes... I also received an ever so wonderful bundle of zombie fluff & snuggles from Leeanna. Yup. Another one. I now share with you: The Zombie Kitty

Isn't she just the cutest??? =D

SO. Alls I gots to do is pass this little bundle of snuggles, death & dismemberment to five lucky victims, ahem, friends... So here we go! Wait, no, I lied. I seriously can't decide who to give these to, so if, my darlings, you are interested... Please take a kitty! There are plenty to go around. ^-^

And now onto other things. If you like and/or love the written word, if you like to feel the words imprint themselves inside you & not want to ever let go, please go visit James Deagle at He's got quite the way with words, and perhaps, if you're lucky, a good idea or two as to how to get comma stains out of the carpet.

Alrighty my darlings... I have psychology homework to attend to & a paper on alternative genders to begin researching... so I'm off to poke & prod my books. I hope y'all had a most wonderful Halloween, Samhain & All Saints Day. I can't wait for tomorrow! Dia de los Muertos! *Squeeeeee!!!*

Ahem. Perhaps I'll paint more sugar skull beads tonight... perhaps I'll even get enough finished to make my necklace... Hmmm...



  1. happy anniversary! me and the mr's is the 29th so we spent the weekend celebrating! 5 years together!
    i am definitely taking a zombie kitty!
    have you seen THE WALKING DEAD on amc. it premiered sunday night and i have to say, it's pretty good. gonna watch the whole series.
    glad you're back and look forward to seeing these day of the dead beads.
    i'm shipping some day of the dead figures today and then i have to get ready for two shows this weekend ( what WAS i thinking?!)
    have a good week,

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    I haven't gotten to take a look at the new offsprog yet (seeing him through the nursery viewing window over the top of Britt's head does not count). Please tell me Dest didn't hate the blanket?

    You gonna' try NaNo this year? I'm not feeling it (still), so I'm taking a pass. Think I will make it my goal for the month to finish my website, instead. It's been sitting half-completed for far too long now.


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