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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've got another loaf of bread rising, this one half white flour & half rye. It's considerably drier than the last dough was, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. ^-^

Thinking about making some more soup tonight, as I've now only got one little container left in my fridge... @_@

My, my... that went faster than usual.

I've got Lhu snuggled up next to me on the living room floor, while Phiphi & Macha hog both chairs.

13 minutes til I braid the bread...

I'm thinking it's a snuggle-up-&-watch-a-movie kinda evening. Britt's at work until 0100, so I've got several hours to kill. ^-^
I've still got a few dishes taunting me, but I'll take care of them after I snuggle down with my kitties & blankets & vegetate in front of Netflix for a bit. ^-^

I'm also going to be making cinnamon bread tonight, as Britt's folks are coming over sometime tomorrow, and hospitality suggests that I feed & caffeinate them. ^-^

Well then... off to go find a movie & snuggle my kitties! =D



  1. I'll bet your house smells fantastic! Today is definitely a kitty snuggling kind of day. I've been busy cooking this weekend too, but haven't made any bread. I just don't have the counter space. Boo!

  2. Mmmm, cinnamon bread... I wasn't even hungry calling over here today but I could really go for some of that now! I think I might have to emigrate and move in with you two. Please, can I? I promise I'll be a good housemate; I'll be as quiet as a mouse and I'll do the dishes for you and everything, just as long as I get to eat all your food!

  3. how did the recent loaf turn out? fyi...chows don't shed. they lose their undercoat all at once. we get teddy groomed each week and i rarely see a strand of hair laying around! they are a challenge but soooo worth it! and the only way you get to hug them is to be their owner. all other humans are hands off!!!

  4. when you use rye flour you can't use a 1:1 ratio but rather a 1:3. so you could use 1 cup rye four to 3 cups white flour. that will give you a lighter rye loaf.

  5. Gah! Now I want cinnamon bread too! Mmmm.


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