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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have ICICLES!!!

Yep. Right outside my office window. Makes me happy, 'cause I love icicles. Natures most perfect murder weapon... lolz...

Anywho... We got about three or four inches of snow (give or take...) and already there's been a heard of hospital employees trying everything in the book to get out of coming to work. We're a hospital, we don't get snow days... -___-#

I don't expect people to put themselves in grave danger to get here, but seriously? Four inches of snow? It's not like snow is a new thing up here... I know we don't usually get snow like they do in, say, Denver or the Midwest, but we still get it, so it's not like people up here have never seen or driven in it. Add to that the mass amount of emails that have gone out from our higher-ups this past week concerning inclement weather, and it's not like they didn't know it was comning. Hmph.

Anywho... I'll be outta here in three and a half hours. Then I'll be home, back into my footy pajamas, sipping tea & snuggling my honey & kitties. Ahhhhh... life will be good. ^-^

Perhaps I'll even finish my stack of dishes... who knows?

Or maybe I'll youtube "How to maintain a sewing machine" and then poke at mine, since it will cost more to get it looked at by someone than I paid for it in the first place. And it will take like two weeks... @_@

So I figure I'll just try my hand at it. After all, I can't make it worse. ^-^

Alrighty... I'm gonna research for my paper until my staffing request sheets come in, so everyone have a happy, safe Saturday. ^-^


  1. lol
    I don't use 'lol' very often but this post called for it. Nature's perfect weapon indeed :) Too funny. And as for the snow, I'm jealous! I don't drive so it doesn't really effect me much, except to make everything look all sparkly and magical. We don't usually get much here in Ireland, though we do gets LOADS of icy rain, which is shit, but last year we were snowed in for a month. I loved it! We never get anything before December though, but fingers crossed for this year. As for four inches, when the first fall came last year the enitre British Isles came to a standstill- and that was only one inch to begin with! As I said, we're not that used to round these parts. Well, I hope you got home safely and you're now all snuggled up with Britt and the moggies with a big fire on and the flakes floating past the window. Sounds blissful!

  2. 4 inches is still more snow than I'd like. Although I agree about the icicles - they are awesome! Be safe and warm - and good luck with the sewing machine. Can't help you there - I'm sewing challenged!

  3. lucky you! i want snow and icicles!!! you have the perfect situation for making your first turkey. i long slow day. just take your time and i am sure it will be wonderful!!!


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