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Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy wind, Batman! @_@

It's so windy... I'm half afraid my apartment's going to blow away & that when I wake up tonight to head to work I'll be in Canada o_O

It's still FREEZING here, and it sprinkled a few wee flakes of snow earlier today, but from what I can tell, still no more snow to speak of, really. Unless the blizzard created by snow from the roofs & trees being blown about counts? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I should be going to bed, as I have to be up in a few hours to go to work, but I'm not sleepy... and it's cold. And I have the headache from HELL. Three advil & two excedrin & it STILL will NOT GO AWAY.

Sorry for the shouting, but I'm getting peeved... ^_~

Anywho. On a brighter note, only two more nights of work & then I'll have seven of them off. Unless we get more snow, then I'll be working if the the other night shift lady calls in due to weather. I could use the extra hours, but I'm sick of being at the hospital... So I'll just not hope for either & be content with what happens. ^-^

I have dubbed Wednesday "Poke-at-the-sewing-machine-while-preparing-to-cook-the-turkey Day" I'm going to see if I can't get the poor thing back in working order (the machine, not the turkey... there's no help for him).


Alrighty. The headache demands that I stop staring at this lovely screen & go to bed. RIGHT NOW. So I'm going to give in to this bullying for once & try to get some sleep. ^-^

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday & I shall return sometime very early tomorrow morning. Nighty night! ^-^



  1. No joke! This weather is insane! I started my new job today and nearly had a heart attack driving myself home this evening. Ugh! One of my bosses just moved down from Alaska, so no snow sympathy.
    I hope that your head headache is long gone by the time you read this!

  2. Sleep tight Dearie. Hope you wake without the headache!


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