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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3am musings...

I'm sitting here, on my living room floor, curled up in front of the heater with a mug of candy cane cocoa. Enjoying the silence of the wee hours of the morning, before the cats wake up to terrorize the house/each other... Before Britt gets up & we go about our daily business & go to school. It's so nice & quiet. ^-^

There's a million things I could/should be doing right now, but I'm insisting that they wait for a bit. I'm fully enjoying doing nothing right now. ^-^

I'm feeling very introspective as of late, and I'm terribly excited for school to finish so I can focus my, well, focus, inward. ^-^

Going back to sitting here & doing nothing now, so I hope you have a most wonderful day. ^-^


P.S. Clicky the pic for an awesome shop! =D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday...

... I hate the day after Thanksgiving. Mostly due to the fact that it almost always ends up on my payday, which means I have bills to pay, errands to run & grocery shopping to do, but all the damn psychos out there make me want to hide in my apartment all day.

I tried to convince Britt that we didn't need to to go out for anything until tonight, hopefully after all the crazies have spent their entire net worth on random shit... But I got vetoed, as we really need a heater & she's worried they'll all be gone if we wait too long. Sigh...

So as soon as she gets up from her nap, eats some of the massive amount of turkey we have left over & gets ready, we'll go brave the insanity that is American consumerism at it's best(worst).



I wanted to wear my machete strapped to my belt, you know, just to encourage people to give me my space and all, but I'll probably be shot down with that idea too... le sigh. ^_~

Hope all y'all are having a good day! ^-^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

TURKEY! (Uber pic heavy!!!)

Alrighty. So today I baked my very first turkey. I feel that it went rather well. Nothing burned or exploded, and it turned out moist enough to eat without it being necessary to slather it in gravy. Not that that's a bad idea anyways...

First a wee bit of back story to explain. We usually go to Britt's parents' house on holidays, as they live about 45 minutes away & my family lives about 1500 miles away. We all decided not to have Thanksgiving at their house this year, due to snow & that Britt is working today/tonight.

So. Britt's dad drops by a few days ago & brings us a turkey on his way to bring her younger sister & her husband a turkey as well. It's very sweet of him. He's a wonderful guy like that. ^-^

The only thing is, he brings us a 23 lb. bird...

23 lbs.

There's only two of us & three cats... omfg, what am I going to do with it all???


I'm having visions of eating turkey until next Christmas... X_X

So I'm going to get my mom's recipe for turkey soup... and make a few turkey pot pies... and I'm not quite sure what else. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Seriously. ^-^

Well then. Onto the massive amount of pictures! =D

This is my newly cleared & slightly re-arranged counter. See? No more dishes. I have conquered...

And this is my stove, graced by one of Britt's wonderful mixed media projects. ^-^

Here we have my cookbooks, etc. & the all important koffee pot. And the turkey pan, which almost wasn't big enough... @_@

Our recipe box, just 'cause it's awesome...

Soaking the bird in the tub, as it wouldn't fit into my sink. Yep. 23 lbs. of bird = too big for tiny-ass kitchen sink.


I ended up cutting the neck into three parts in order to fit it into the baggie I placed the giblets into, as I'm going to be making broth with them later. One of the parts I sliced was just perfect & I was able to see & poke at the spinal cord. It was so cool. XD

Bird in the pan. Woohoo for not making a mess (so far...)

Top view, compared to my stove... So. Much. Turkey... @_@

I mixed a bunch of herbs together & then mixed that mixture with olive oil. I then had way too much fun separating the skin from the muscle so I could rub in the herb mixture. That, too, was way cool... ^-^

Um, yes... I then realized that I had put the turkey in the pan before I had bagged it... Oops...

Trying to figure out how to hold open the bag & transfer turkey all at the same time...

I ended up sticking my left hand/forearm (like almost up to my elbow...) into the cavity & then looking like some strange, turkey-wielding maniac, managed to heave the thing into it's bag. There was much profanity. My cats were terribly helpful & just stared, praying I'd drop the damn thing...

But I managed not to, and here we are, all ready to bake! Huzzah! =D

Three and a half hours later, all baked & ready to eat!


Phiphi begs...

As does Lhu... He insists he's far too adorable to not give turkey to... So they both get some turkey, but Phiphi insists, he demands...


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have had a most wonderful day!


btw... yes, I am wearing the most awesome fleece footy pajamas in the world. They even have stars on them that glow in the dark. I love it! XD


So I took a gander out my window just a moment ago. Just a quick peek, mind you, out the tiniest of spaces between the wall & the curtain. What to my wondering eyes appeared?

Copious amounts of fluffy whiteness, descending from the sky. Vigorously. o_O

Sigh. Looks like I'll probably be working tonight after all... Ah well. I don't mind too terribly much. ^-^

Now to charge up the iPod & make sure I have suitable music on it, as I'll probably have to share my office with either my manager or sub-manager tonight. Meh...

On the bright side, the snow is very pretty! I love the white blanket, laying over everything. ^-^

The view out my kitchen window... I could cry for my lack of lovely evergreens... I was SO looking forward to having them covered in snow! Sigh. The Dia de los Muertos Pixie Stick makes me feel better though. ^-^

The parking lot at my apartment complex...

I love the monochrome of this pic... the roof tops, sky & buildings... all nice shades of white & grey. ^-^

Aaaand more parking lot. ^-^

No matter where you are today, whether you have snow or sun, travel safely!


Happy Turkey Day! ^-^

Happy Thanksgiving, my darlings! ^-^

I'm up after sleeping for a few hours, as the caffeine gremlins that live in my head finally kicked me awake, demanding sustenance.


Ah well, there are worse ways to wake up I suppose... ^-^

So now here I sit with my coffee (no Irish cream til later though... ), typing & thinking about all the wonderful stuff I'm thankful for.

On this supremely long list, is all of the wonderful people I've met since I joined Blogger a few months ago. You all are a major part of the community I so crave, yet can't seem to find in my home town. You inspire me to create & to do, and for this, I am most grateful. You all are wonderful & I love you. ^-^

So to everyone reading this, thank you. It means so much to me to be able to connect with so many people, from so many walks of life, at so many different points in their lives. You all help make me a happier, healthier person, inside & out. ^-^

Happy Thanksgiving. May today & the rest of your days be filled with love and light & friendship. Blessed be.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy wind, Batman! @_@

It's so windy... I'm half afraid my apartment's going to blow away & that when I wake up tonight to head to work I'll be in Canada o_O

It's still FREEZING here, and it sprinkled a few wee flakes of snow earlier today, but from what I can tell, still no more snow to speak of, really. Unless the blizzard created by snow from the roofs & trees being blown about counts? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I should be going to bed, as I have to be up in a few hours to go to work, but I'm not sleepy... and it's cold. And I have the headache from HELL. Three advil & two excedrin & it STILL will NOT GO AWAY.

Sorry for the shouting, but I'm getting peeved... ^_~

Anywho. On a brighter note, only two more nights of work & then I'll have seven of them off. Unless we get more snow, then I'll be working if the the other night shift lady calls in due to weather. I could use the extra hours, but I'm sick of being at the hospital... So I'll just not hope for either & be content with what happens. ^-^

I have dubbed Wednesday "Poke-at-the-sewing-machine-while-preparing-to-cook-the-turkey Day" I'm going to see if I can't get the poor thing back in working order (the machine, not the turkey... there's no help for him).


Alrighty. The headache demands that I stop staring at this lovely screen & go to bed. RIGHT NOW. So I'm going to give in to this bullying for once & try to get some sleep. ^-^

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday & I shall return sometime very early tomorrow morning. Nighty night! ^-^


Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have ICICLES!!!

Yep. Right outside my office window. Makes me happy, 'cause I love icicles. Natures most perfect murder weapon... lolz...

Anywho... We got about three or four inches of snow (give or take...) and already there's been a heard of hospital employees trying everything in the book to get out of coming to work. We're a hospital, we don't get snow days... -___-#

I don't expect people to put themselves in grave danger to get here, but seriously? Four inches of snow? It's not like snow is a new thing up here... I know we don't usually get snow like they do in, say, Denver or the Midwest, but we still get it, so it's not like people up here have never seen or driven in it. Add to that the mass amount of emails that have gone out from our higher-ups this past week concerning inclement weather, and it's not like they didn't know it was comning. Hmph.

Anywho... I'll be outta here in three and a half hours. Then I'll be home, back into my footy pajamas, sipping tea & snuggling my honey & kitties. Ahhhhh... life will be good. ^-^

Perhaps I'll even finish my stack of dishes... who knows?

Or maybe I'll youtube "How to maintain a sewing machine" and then poke at mine, since it will cost more to get it looked at by someone than I paid for it in the first place. And it will take like two weeks... @_@

So I figure I'll just try my hand at it. After all, I can't make it worse. ^-^

Alrighty... I'm gonna research for my paper until my staffing request sheets come in, so everyone have a happy, safe Saturday. ^-^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I've got another loaf of bread rising, this one half white flour & half rye. It's considerably drier than the last dough was, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. ^-^

Thinking about making some more soup tonight, as I've now only got one little container left in my fridge... @_@

My, my... that went faster than usual.

I've got Lhu snuggled up next to me on the living room floor, while Phiphi & Macha hog both chairs.

13 minutes til I braid the bread...

I'm thinking it's a snuggle-up-&-watch-a-movie kinda evening. Britt's at work until 0100, so I've got several hours to kill. ^-^
I've still got a few dishes taunting me, but I'll take care of them after I snuggle down with my kitties & blankets & vegetate in front of Netflix for a bit. ^-^

I'm also going to be making cinnamon bread tonight, as Britt's folks are coming over sometime tomorrow, and hospitality suggests that I feed & caffeinate them. ^-^

Well then... off to go find a movie & snuggle my kitties! =D


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rainy Saturday & the Inverted Yule Tree

It's chilly too. My friend told me that it snowed a wee bit this morning after she got off work. I'm choosing to believe that she was hallucinating...


Anywho. The bread I made yesterday was simply fantastic. It was hailed as the best bread I've ever made. EVER. And it was eaten... all of it. So now I'm about to make more biga, so I can make more bread. ^-^

The soup is supremely tasty too, and I only have three containers left from the big-ass pot I made... I think I'll be making more soup on Tuesday, probably. I never did get the chicken into this pot, as there wasn't enough room once I added the dried beans, rice, tortellini & veggies... lol...

My sleeping hours are all out of whack, though, so I think I'll head back to bed until Britt gets up & then stay up the rest of the night with her. I hate it when we have different sleeping hours... bleh... My only problem is that I'm not really sleepy... So perhaps I'll stay up. I don't know.

All I've been wanting to do is make xmas ornaments... After much debate & insistence on my part, we decided to have a Yule tree. YES! Only thing is, my cats are such beasts that they would shred it in pretty short order. What to do? Hang it upside-down from the ceiling of course! XD

I'm really excited. Naturally, it's not going to be a live tree, but a fake one. I'm going to figure out how to make the branches fold the opposite way they do, and then presto! Happy Yule to me.

I promise I'll post pics whenever it gets put up. But it definitely will not be until after Thanksgiving. Alrighty then... I'm off to felt ornaments for my Yule tree-to-be.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Slaving Away... ^_~

Ahhhhhhhhh... I'm turning into an old woman... It's only a little after 8pm here, and I'm so ready for bed.


I suppose I can blame it on all the errands I ran this morning & then baking & cooking for the rest of the day... right? Sure.

I made brownies, the french bread I've been talking about for the past two days & am now in process of making soup. And now that I list things, it doesn't really seem like very much for all the hours I've been in the kitchen today. I was also cleaning, so that may account for a few of those hours... ^-^

I suppose that after I take the soup off I can take a nap before I go deliver some to Lauren at work tonight.

Huzzah for naps! ^-^

Anywho... I have pictures of the bread, and I'm rather proud of how well it turned out. It is SO GOOD. I'm salivating just thinking about it. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

Aaaaaaaaaand back to tending the soup. Have a good night!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Whistling While I Work... sorta...

I've spent a very nice morning & now early afternoon cleaning my house. Britt's still sleeping after her insane night at work, so it's just me & the kitties. ^-^

I've been dancing around, cleaning up & singing to Dan Fogelberg. I seriously have no idea how Britt's still asleep after that... lolz.

I took a quick break to sketch, then popped on here to grab that bread recipe from Jaz that I was talking about yesterday. Obviously, I didn't make the sponge yesterday, so I'm about to do that now & bake bread tomorrow. Ah well. Such is life. ^-^

Alrighty... off to make the bread sponge & let it set, then back to cleaning. Who'd ever think that cleaning my house would make me so ridiculously happy?


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Ah, happiness & joy! I just got off work an hour ago & I'm now on my seven days off. Huzzah! =D

I'm going to make the bread from Jaz's recipe over at October Farm, well, I'll make the starter today & the bread tomorrow, but why split hairs?

I'm going to work on my whimsies... Maybe I'll go to the cemetery for some inspiration. It's a glorious day, even if it's freezing outside. I think I'll bring a thermos of koffee with me... Mmmmm...

Perhaps I'll work on my collage boxes some more & paint some more sugar skull beads. I've been thinking about making some bigger beads all together, as the ones I've made up til now are rather small... Hmmmm...

I think I'll work on my art journal a bit too & maybe start my spell book, which was inspired by Jaz (apparently I'm finding her very inspirational today... even more so than usual... ^-^) in her Practical Magic Blog Party post.

If you haven't visited that post, DO. IT. It's awesome. She not only has pics of the spell book used in the movie, but also of her own, personal spell books. Awesome! ^-^

Alrighty my lovelies... I'm off to roust Britt outta bed so I can help her study for her math test... And then I get to play for the rest of the day! Yay!!!

Here's hoping y'all have a most wonderful Wednesday! ^-^


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

2Chemistry + 3Stoichiometry >>> Mushy brains

Taking a quick break from Chemistry homework & Staffing office work to pop in & say hello... My poor little brain feels like so much mush... eek...

At least I'm mostly getting it now. That's a plus. Being lost last class up until the very end was irritating.

Two and a half more hours here until I can go home & finish up my take home test. I love take home tests. ^-^

Alrighty then... Back to staffing the hospital.. X_x

Monday, November 08, 2010

I'll get you my pretties...

Woohoo!!! Leeanna from Can We Have a New Witch Ours Melted has wrangled 100, yes 100, minions! As a thank you to all her wonderful stalkers, ahem, followers, she's giving away not one but TWO Amazon gift cards! First place gets $100 & second place gets $50.

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. So head on over to her blog, sell her your soul (aka follow her), be a good little minion & enter to win one of these grand prizes. Not only is she a most generous Mistress to serve, but she also writes wickedly funny posts & is a genuine pleasure to read.

And she has two flying monkeys who disguise themselves as puppies. Awesome.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where's that Lorax???

Sigh... They came back & chopped down more trees today. The sound of the mulcher makes my stomach roil. I can feel it in my bones. First, they cut down the four big, beautiful pines that were growing right off my deck. I loved those trees, damn it. They were so gorgeous. I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing them all covered in snow this year. I was going to hang bird feeders in them. And pine cones slathered in peanut butter, then dipped in bird seed...

Now I have to stare at my neighbors & make sure I wear clothes, even when I'm inside. Arg.

They did this a few days ago, then came back today to chop down more trees in the neighboring complex. I really can't fathom why they'd want to chop them down... They weren't even growing too close to the buildings (they were much farther away than the requisite 30 feet...) I watched them cut down one, but watching it fall ripped my heart out & I couldn't watch anymore.

But no one listened to the Lorax anyways, did they? Sigh...

People think I'm nuts for crying over trees... but I loved them. They made me quite happy, and now they're gone. And I'm really bummed out. Muur.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Like a Zombie, risen from the grave... o_O

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

Holy buckets... It's only been a little over two weeks, but it feels like forever since I last was here. It was quite the... interesting... month. A wonderful, horrible, stressful, wonderful month. Depression kicked in the ass, back out to where ever it resides when not pestering me, other painful lessons learned (which seem so obvious in retrospect), and a new life brought into this world by my sister in law. Not to mention my seventh anniversary on Halloween (definitely the wonderful-end-of-the-month part!). ^-^

I hope to never again have a month like the past month was, but at the same time, the few really wonderful parts were so wonderful. And I'm glad to be back. Once I stopped writing here, I felt like I just couldn't start again. So I finally made myself log back in & I feel at home with you all once again. Happiness.

Oh yes... I also received an ever so wonderful bundle of zombie fluff & snuggles from Leeanna. Yup. Another one. I now share with you: The Zombie Kitty

Isn't she just the cutest??? =D

SO. Alls I gots to do is pass this little bundle of snuggles, death & dismemberment to five lucky victims, ahem, friends... So here we go! Wait, no, I lied. I seriously can't decide who to give these to, so if, my darlings, you are interested... Please take a kitty! There are plenty to go around. ^-^

And now onto other things. If you like and/or love the written word, if you like to feel the words imprint themselves inside you & not want to ever let go, please go visit James Deagle at He's got quite the way with words, and perhaps, if you're lucky, a good idea or two as to how to get comma stains out of the carpet.

Alrighty my darlings... I have psychology homework to attend to & a paper on alternative genders to begin researching... so I'm off to poke & prod my books. I hope y'all had a most wonderful Halloween, Samhain & All Saints Day. I can't wait for tomorrow! Dia de los Muertos! *Squeeeeee!!!*

Ahem. Perhaps I'll paint more sugar skull beads tonight... perhaps I'll even get enough finished to make my necklace... Hmmm...