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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombie Bunnies, Oh my!

So Leeanna from Can We Have A New Witch Ours Melted saw fit to bestow upon me the most vicious zombie bunny to be found. Cousin to the Killer Bunny (as seen in Monty Python's Holy Grail), this ravenous ball of bloody fluff has come to stay with me... I'll have to figure out where on earth to put him. I don't think my zombie rubber ducky wants to share his space in the shower caddy... Hmmmmm...

So, thanks Leeanna for this, uh, lovely... award. I'm especially fond of it because I'm not required to do anything. Ah.... So. Wonderful.

I suppose I'll keep the zombie joy going, however, & pass it on to some people. I mean really... what fun are zombies if they don't spread all their gory joy to a whole slew of others? o_O


  1. They aren't too picky on brains. You know, a brain is a brain to them. Unless it's a blonds brain then the poor little ZR will just die of starvation. It's a pathetic sight.

  2. He's excellent, congratulations! Hope you're feeling better missus, one must be well for the coming festivities :)

  3. He's just the cutest zombie I've even laid eyes on and I've seen quite a few zombies in my day! I hope you're feeling better my dear. <3

  4. Hey Annalee- you have a Zombie Kitty to go with your Zombie bunny dear. Come and pick it up.


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