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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tub 'o' Tea

Hmmmm... all is quiet. Britty's napping, as her meeting tired her right out. Before she went to bed, she took a bath... which turned into a tub of tea.

After hearing her wish (which, naturally, is my command) for lavender bath smelly-goodness, I promptly grabbed my HUGE dish of dried lavender flowers & sprinkled a goodly amount into her bubble bath.

It improved the smell immensely.

I then rummaged around in my herb drawer & found my dried rose buds, which & added to her bath as well. Followed by some dried chamomile.

After soaking for a bit, she was then showered with some dried rose petals from our very own roses. As she & the herbs soaked (for quite some time, at that), the bath bubbles dissolved leaving tea colored water that smelled just heavenly!

I offered to put everything in a bag next time, as she was covered head to toe in fragrant, herb-y loveliness, but she won't hear of it!

She said it was the most entertaining bath she's taken since she was five... ^-^

And now she sleeps... as do the kitties... Lhu, naturally, is on the pile of clean clothes I was attempting to fold... ^-^

He's so helpful when it comes to holding down those feisty clothes, to keep them from running off...

Getting ready to make the stem for my latest pumpkin & then it'll be finished & placed in my kitchen window. ^-^

Well then... off to felt the stem & then who knows? Mayhap I'll pull out my box of paper crafting tidbits & art journal a bit.

Happy crafting, my lovelies...



  1. The best bath since I was five - too sweet! Lavender is a girl's best friend, I always say! And my cats always find the clean laundry too....sigh!

  2. OK. This sounds like the BEST thing ever! I have a bunch of dried lavender right now so I am definitely going to give it a try.


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