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Monday, September 13, 2010

Early morning ramblings...

Sooooooo... For all my fun plans for yesterday, I did none of them... ^-^

Instead, after work Britt & I stopped by our friend Lauren's house & just lounged around for a while... like three and a half hours... It was nice & relaxing. Then we went home, cleaned up after the cat that got into our roving (omg... it looked like a multi-colored sheep had been shredded in my living room... @_@) and then went to bed about 1330.

I got nothing done, yet had a most wonderful day. ^-^

So I figure that with the amount of coffee I've had tonight, I'll easily be able to do any & everything I could possibly desire today. ^-^

I made two more inchies last night & would just love to show them off, but alas the camera is still dead... meh... As soon as I do have a camera, I'm going to have the world's biggest picture post ever... o_O

Anywho... I'm going to sit here & read my book for a bit before day shift gets here. Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! ^-^


  1. oops, I commented and then lost it..darn.
    Good Morning. I noticed the word roving and just have to ask how you use it? I love needle felting and if I had a spinning wheel I would love to learn how to spin. Have a great day or night or both.

  2. I totally miss lazy days. Alas my hubs is one of those mental cases that likes to cram as much into every day as is humanly possible... and then is disappointed there's still a dozen things that didn't get done. I'm going to sneak away one day and spend it doing as little as I possibly can ;)


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