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Thursday, September 02, 2010

My cat like the Pipe Organ... o_O

Happy Thursday! ^-^

It's turned out nice & warm, but wonderfully breezy... So perfect. Perhaps we'll go to the beach after Britt gets out of her ten hour, yes, ten hour meeting... @_@

And yes, for the record, Macha likes pipe organ music. She seems particularly fond of things from Phantom of the Opera and Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Both of which happen to be selections I simply adore as well... coincidence? I think not. ^-^

Phiphi & Macha are now happily sleeping next to the back screen door & Lhu is lounging on his new favorite place to sleep... Britt's new backpack... lmao... She took a different bag with her to her meeting today so as to not have to displace him while he was sleeping this morning... XD
In her defense, he was ridiculously cute...

I'm happily bumming around my house felting pumpkins... and trying not to bleed on them when I accidentally felt my fingers instead... o_O

Taking a nice little break to grab a nice, cold cider out of my fridge... and come visit my blog of course. ^-^

I have all sorts of fun crafty things I'm going to do this weekend... I'm going to try my hand at hand sewing a doll (a wee doll, mind you) and there's still the ceramic bits & bobs waiting to be used for something. There's much roving to be felted into pumpkins (yay!) and another purse to crochet. I'm also working on a caplet (the same one I've been working on for like a year...), but I keep putting it down & forgetting where I am in the pattern (which isn't very far...) and having to frog everything & start over... lolz... I'm determined to start it once more & this time finish it! Besides, by next month I'll actually be able to wear it! ^-^

Also going to work on what I'm making for my dad, but I can't say what it is, as I'm not sure if he read my blog... I don't think he does, but he might... who knows? ^-^ I'll make sure to borrow a camera if I don't have a new one by the time it's finished & take some pics before I send it off to him. I'm soooooo excited! =D

I'm also trying to figure out what to make for my sister to put in the box I painted & am going to send her for her birthday this month... I can't just send her an empty box, no matter how awesome the outside looks... @_@
I think I'm going to make some soap and candles maybe...

Alrighty then... break time's over! Back to stabbing myself, er, my roving... ^_~

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!


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