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Monday, September 06, 2010

It didn't leave me... o_O

Omigod... So I'm taking a quick break from cleaning my house... As I was doing my hoard of dirty dishes this morning, you will never believe what I found...


Yes indeed! I found it! It's still there!!!


I am quite shocked & pleased. I had fully expected it to up & go someplace where the resident mess maker also was the resident mess-cleaner-upper... But my beloved kitchen has given me another chance! (again...)

And I'm grateful. I did miss it so...

So here's to a renewed goal: Keeping up on my house work even when I'm on my seven day work stretch, going to school, running amok with my sweety & trying to find "me-time" in between.

I'm decidedly happier when I can see the counter tops & the stove (without having to imagine all the clutter/dishes cleaned up & put away...)

Well then... Onto the living room... But I had better clean out my vacuum before I try to use it, or it might very well explode... again... o_O

Happy Monday to all y'all. Hope everyone had a good weekend ^-^


  1. ahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhhahahaaaaaaahahahahahahaaahahahhaaaa!!!

  2. What a coincidence! Just this morning, I discovered a sink! IN OUR KITCHEN! No, really! It was just sitting there, hiding under a shit ton of dirty dishes.

    (found you via the awesomeness that is the NotHannah blog. Ok, who's had too much coffee?).

  3. It must be the season for it - I found mine on Sunday....I am endeavouring to try to keep it that way too!!

    I started to clean a bookshelf out last night - got half way through and had to stop - so that is tonight's quest - finish putting away my books!!

    Good luck with your house cleaning :o)


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