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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy Tuesday! =D

Good morning, my darlings! Well, it's still 'morning' for me... More accurately, I suppose it's my afternoon now... whatever.

Going to be cooking some Socca in a while... Mmmmmm... chickpea flour pancake like thingies. I'm going to head to the garden for some fresh herbs to add into the dough... I shall let you know how they turn out. ^-^

Happy New Moon! ^-^

As my honey is at work tonight, I won't be going to the water, as a girl alone down by the bay is an easy target. Unfortunately. Le sigh...

I will be doing something later though, probably on my porch. Maybe I'll pour my love & healing energy into a watering can of water & then sprinkle it on my plants. I like the sound of that. ^-^

Also, I'm sure you've all heard about the tiny church in Gainesville, FL (home to my beloved Gators...) that plans to burn copies of the Koran this 09-11... *facepalm*
As angry as burning any kind of book makes me, burning another religion's holy book leaves an especially bad taste in my mouth. It has been pointed out, however, by persons with cooler heads than I, that a better reaction to this than fighting hate & anger with more anger is to counter it with Love. Ingenious.

So. Along with I'm not Hannah (where I got the idea) & Mommy Melee (where she got the idea), I'll be joining in the sending of love & peace to these rather angry folks. Having found a way to counter such a mass of negativity with something as wonderful & unconquerable as love... It makes me smile. And feel warm & fuzzy. I know they still my go through with this deplorable act, but I also know that sending them these thoughts, emotions, energies, etc. also makes a difference. Join us, won't you?

Well then... I'm off, but here's to hoping you all have a most wonderful night, especially those who work in health care & law enforcement, as the new moon tends to be a rather, ah, exciting night... At least at our hospital... o_O



  1. Hey sweetie, We are in no danger at all. We got about 4 inches of rain in a 20 hour period, not bad huh? David and I went out for our 8th anniversary last night and it was a very nice night. It didn't rain again until we got home from dinner. Goddess was very sweet to us in waiting until we were safe at home before starting up with the showers. :)

  2. Yum, those pancake thingies sound good, can't wait to hear how they turned out! It's such a shame when churches think things like this are productive. They miss the whole point and basis for their beliefs.

  3. How do you send love and light to these people...they are not angry by the way...they are freeking fearful (as my kids would say)
    My concern, along with everyone else, they are going to awake, a not so sleeping is so stupid, so terribly wrong! (he is not convinced he said...what does he need to be convinced...?)

    It is amazing what ignorance and fear can do combined.


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