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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happiness & homework...

Alrighty... Bad mood extinguished. Yay! ^-^

Soooo... I was able to log into my online class for the first time today... @_@

omg... There's just so much... stuff... ack.

And I'm terrified becuase there are no tests... just group projects & discussions... ack. I've never, and I do mean never, had a good experience with group anything when it comes to school. I always end up doing everything, as I'm the only one apparently concered with my grade... I dearly hope this class is different. Meep...

I'm hopeful, though, and trying to think positively. ^-^

I don't know quite what to make of this class... I'll have to create a blog & a wiki page for it, and I'm not keen on the idea of having to blog... I do this for pleasure & becuase I love all the wonderful people I've come across via blogging. I'm scared I'll hate it... But still trying to stay positive. Who knows... perhaps I'll excel at that part of the class because of my love for blogging. ^-^

All in all, reservations aside, I'm excited to start classes again. I really do like school, and I love learning of any kind. My professor for this class seems like a wonderful, exciting & fun person, so I'm looking forward more than not, I suppose, to this class.

Well then... off to start reading my course documents...

Going to bake chocolate sugar cookies as soon as I get home, as we're going to go visit Britt's little sister, Destinee, and bring the soon-to-be mom some cookies & company. ^-^

Have a supremely wonderful Tuesday! ^-^



  1. Oooh....and I am going back to school in a couple of weeks myself! I may have an online class as well and it's so foreign to me. How many classes are you taking? Oh and DO post a picture of those sugar cookies!!

  2. You know I'm actually jealous of all the work and stuff you have to do. This real life post-educational world sucks; I want to go back! I would only I actually did go back the last time I felt like this and if I do it again I'll be in danger of becoming an eternal student. But I miss the stress and the deadlines and the all nighters. Yes, I said I miss it! Though I do agree with you on group projects, I don't miss them one bit! Hope it works out ok for you. On another note, there's a baby on the way, how exciting! All my best to you, Britt and the mum-to-be!


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