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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


So... I didn't make the Socca... I suddenly felt inspired to make chocolate sugar cookies instead... @_@

So I did & they're uber yummy.

I think I'll try the Socca for dinner tonight... to go with the salsa baked chicken perhaps... Hmmmm...

Anywho... I'm about off to bed so that I can get up earlier this afternoon. I want to be sure I'm up in time to hit up the veggie stand & cook dinner. And I need to get my stuff together for work tonight. And locate work acceptable clothing. I have no idea where it's run off to... o_O

I'm ready for bed, took half a sleeping pill to ensure that I stay asleep for a few hours & am now trying to get it unstuck from my throat. Ack.

Meh. I was so excited that I was almost caught up with my pile of dishes, but then I cooked a meal and baked some cookies... so now there's a pile again. I think my particular pile looks bigger than it actually is due to the ridiculously tiny amount of counter space in my kitchen...

At least that what I'm telling myself. o_O

So. Off to bed so I can get up & finish the housework I've been putting off finishing. And go by veggies. And then perhaps do something fun & crafty-like.

Hope all y'all daylight folk have a good day! ^-^



  1. I tend to put off the housework, and regret it later. The situation only gets worse...dirt will CONSUME you if you're not ever vigilant!

  2. Aw, you're a girl after my own heart Annalee! The rare times I do get round to having a good tidy up the first thing I want to do in my kitchen is make something really messy. And then I'm usually too tired to tidy up again. Anyway, it's unhealthy to live in an overly tidy home. Mess is good for you!

  3. Good Morning or Night whichever it may be. I want a cookie to go with my coffee, sounds yummy. Thank you for visiting my blog and your support for my fur baby, we both appreciate it.


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