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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


At the coffee shop at Boulevard Park. Shitty coffee, but really good tea... ^-^

School's started now, so I'm taking a break from homework & popping in here. I've not checked any of the blogs I follow for the past several days... I feel very out of touch... lol...

Our student loans arrived on time & without a hitch for once, so we were able to get our school stuff with no problem. Yay!

On a more irritating note, I've been feeling kinda... odd... lately. Randomly tired, heart palpitations occasionally, and just generally strange. So I'm going to go to the doctor & get my thyroid checked again. I had it checked a year (or two?) ago, and it was still within the normal range (which has been changed since then). I've also been checked for diabetes, which I fortunately do not have. I'm still a bit wary, however, as my family is full of diabetics with thyroid issues... o_O

Britt also suggested I get checked for food allergies, as sometimes I'll not feel very well after eating. I'm not so sure about this, as I usually only feel less-than-great when we eat out, which I attribute to the fact that we rarely eat out & my body's not used to that kind of grease/food.

I'm kind of annoyed, as we've been eating a LOT healthier the past few months & severely cut back on our caffeine intake. I still drink coffee & occasionally an energy shot, but nothing near to what I used to. We've also been moderatley exercising. So I don't know what the fuck. But I'm going to find out. Hopefully. ^-^

Anywho. Back to being conversational with Britt & Heather. See y'all later tonight when I take another break from homework. ^-^

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mmmmmm... Clean house... nommy tea... sleeping kitties... spastic internet... ah. I love mornings... ^-^

Good news! We once again have a camera! =D Yay!!! So. I shall post a post of epic awesomeness, filled with pictures later today or tonight sometime. Woohoo!

We went to the local farmer's market yesterday in between rain showers. It was awesome! Britt got a brown sugar cookie shaped like a mushroom, I got a orange hazelnut twist. Mmmmm... We got a bar of lavender soap & then got some tea... Four different kinds. Happiness is MINE... We got three black tea blends & one green tea blend. So. Good. ^-^

We then went to check out the flea market, but didn't find any treasures this time.

We also drove all over this county & the next one looking for a swimming suit for Britt, who, since she's lost weight, can no longer wear the suit we got her a few months back... I balloons off her butt like a parachute... lmao... Not ideal for lap swimming. ^-^

No luck with the swim suit... I think we're going to have to look online...

Anywho... Off to grocery shopping! ^-^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ah, what to do, what to do... I'm awake whilst everyone else sleeps... o_O

We're over at a friend's house after a night of drinking & hot tubbing & playing cards. Oh what fun. But now everyone's asleep but me... so I stole away downstairs & am slightly tippsily typing on their PC...

I have no idea where my glasses went to, and hope I can find them in the morning. Well, the later morning... when we have daylight. ^-^

I'm going to pop by my online classroom & see if my instructor emailed me back, and then I think I'm going to go to bed. ^-^

nighty night!



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happiness & homework...

Alrighty... Bad mood extinguished. Yay! ^-^

Soooo... I was able to log into my online class for the first time today... @_@

omg... There's just so much... stuff... ack.

And I'm terrified becuase there are no tests... just group projects & discussions... ack. I've never, and I do mean never, had a good experience with group anything when it comes to school. I always end up doing everything, as I'm the only one apparently concered with my grade... I dearly hope this class is different. Meep...

I'm hopeful, though, and trying to think positively. ^-^

I don't know quite what to make of this class... I'll have to create a blog & a wiki page for it, and I'm not keen on the idea of having to blog... I do this for pleasure & becuase I love all the wonderful people I've come across via blogging. I'm scared I'll hate it... But still trying to stay positive. Who knows... perhaps I'll excel at that part of the class because of my love for blogging. ^-^

All in all, reservations aside, I'm excited to start classes again. I really do like school, and I love learning of any kind. My professor for this class seems like a wonderful, exciting & fun person, so I'm looking forward more than not, I suppose, to this class.

Well then... off to start reading my course documents...

Going to bake chocolate sugar cookies as soon as I get home, as we're going to go visit Britt's little sister, Destinee, and bring the soon-to-be mom some cookies & company. ^-^

Have a supremely wonderful Tuesday! ^-^



Gaaaaaaahhh... I'm trying to shake this aweful mood, but I'm not having any luck yet... o_O
I don't want to be cranky... but I'm not having a terribly good day... meh.

I couldn't sleep today, which always makes me a bit irritated. I was so tired, yet just couldn't fall & then stay asleep... ack...

Then I got to work, found out that they'd indeed managed to fix our computer (yay), but had deleted everything off our desktops. Now I know it's my fault for leaving important stuff on my work PC, but still... I was miffed that our shit got deleted with no warning. Everyone lost stuff. Meh. Ah well. Life goes on. And I've learned my lesson...

-_- #

Then CBC decided that they were critically short, their managers refused to come in & work, all of night shift had been called already & no one wanted to work, and then I had to call all of day shift (at midnight, mind you) to see if they wanted to come in early. I had to get the House Manager's approval in order to do this, and (unfortunately) got it, so I got to make calls & tick off about 15 or so people... le sigh... ah well...

I think I'm going to go in search of some chocolate or something... lol... perhaps that will help...


I so badly want to feel better... Maybe instead of chocolate, I'll go sit in the garden... Alrighty. Off I go...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Early morning ramblings...

Sooooooo... For all my fun plans for yesterday, I did none of them... ^-^

Instead, after work Britt & I stopped by our friend Lauren's house & just lounged around for a while... like three and a half hours... It was nice & relaxing. Then we went home, cleaned up after the cat that got into our roving (omg... it looked like a multi-colored sheep had been shredded in my living room... @_@) and then went to bed about 1330.

I got nothing done, yet had a most wonderful day. ^-^

So I figure that with the amount of coffee I've had tonight, I'll easily be able to do any & everything I could possibly desire today. ^-^

I made two more inchies last night & would just love to show them off, but alas the camera is still dead... meh... As soon as I do have a camera, I'm going to have the world's biggest picture post ever... o_O

Anywho... I'm going to sit here & read my book for a bit before day shift gets here. Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! ^-^

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainy Sunday...

Sitting in my office making phone calls, trying to find staff for day shift & thinking about all the fun things to do on my rainy Sunday...

Drink tea... this is a given...
Crochet my mom's purse...
Felt pumpkins...
Snuggle the kitties...
Put on fuzzy socks & my favorite plaid flannel shirt...
Watch Practical Magic, Fight Club & REPO: The Genetic Opera (again...)
Paint sugar skull beads...
Paint my nails...
Make ATCs & inchies...
Work on an art journal page...
Make a collage...
Make homemade soup for lunch...

Ah, I can't wait to get home... Now to just finish getting through my morning with my sanity (what's left of it) & relatively good mood intact... ^-^

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday morning! ^-^


Friday, September 10, 2010

On the floating dock at Boulevard Park. The wind is blowing through my hair & sea, dark as ink, rocks me slowly back & forth. Just me & my mug of tea. Ah bliss.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


So... I didn't make the Socca... I suddenly felt inspired to make chocolate sugar cookies instead... @_@

So I did & they're uber yummy.

I think I'll try the Socca for dinner tonight... to go with the salsa baked chicken perhaps... Hmmmm...

Anywho... I'm about off to bed so that I can get up earlier this afternoon. I want to be sure I'm up in time to hit up the veggie stand & cook dinner. And I need to get my stuff together for work tonight. And locate work acceptable clothing. I have no idea where it's run off to... o_O

I'm ready for bed, took half a sleeping pill to ensure that I stay asleep for a few hours & am now trying to get it unstuck from my throat. Ack.

Meh. I was so excited that I was almost caught up with my pile of dishes, but then I cooked a meal and baked some cookies... so now there's a pile again. I think my particular pile looks bigger than it actually is due to the ridiculously tiny amount of counter space in my kitchen...

At least that what I'm telling myself. o_O

So. Off to bed so I can get up & finish the housework I've been putting off finishing. And go by veggies. And then perhaps do something fun & crafty-like.

Hope all y'all daylight folk have a good day! ^-^


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy Tuesday! =D

Good morning, my darlings! Well, it's still 'morning' for me... More accurately, I suppose it's my afternoon now... whatever.

Going to be cooking some Socca in a while... Mmmmmm... chickpea flour pancake like thingies. I'm going to head to the garden for some fresh herbs to add into the dough... I shall let you know how they turn out. ^-^

Happy New Moon! ^-^

As my honey is at work tonight, I won't be going to the water, as a girl alone down by the bay is an easy target. Unfortunately. Le sigh...

I will be doing something later though, probably on my porch. Maybe I'll pour my love & healing energy into a watering can of water & then sprinkle it on my plants. I like the sound of that. ^-^

Also, I'm sure you've all heard about the tiny church in Gainesville, FL (home to my beloved Gators...) that plans to burn copies of the Koran this 09-11... *facepalm*
As angry as burning any kind of book makes me, burning another religion's holy book leaves an especially bad taste in my mouth. It has been pointed out, however, by persons with cooler heads than I, that a better reaction to this than fighting hate & anger with more anger is to counter it with Love. Ingenious.

So. Along with I'm not Hannah (where I got the idea) & Mommy Melee (where she got the idea), I'll be joining in the sending of love & peace to these rather angry folks. Having found a way to counter such a mass of negativity with something as wonderful & unconquerable as love... It makes me smile. And feel warm & fuzzy. I know they still my go through with this deplorable act, but I also know that sending them these thoughts, emotions, energies, etc. also makes a difference. Join us, won't you?

Well then... I'm off, but here's to hoping you all have a most wonderful night, especially those who work in health care & law enforcement, as the new moon tends to be a rather, ah, exciting night... At least at our hospital... o_O

Feeling kinda down this morning... Feeling like I want to go hide in bed. It's my last day off before I start my seven on, however, so I don't really want to go hide.

I feel so tired sometimes. I feel so alone, like it's just me & Britt against the world. I know this isn't true. There are many, many wonderful people out there that brighten up my life. All y'all are most of them! And I love you for it. I truly do.

But in my physical, everyday life, I am lacking community. Community... the word I keep coming back to. The idea that I can't seem to find in real existence. I know it's out there, somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. It's what I want.

I want friends who love me & accept me, all of me, for who I am. I want people who are different from me to celebrate with me our diversity & love one another regardless. I want to be fully loved & accepted. Every last bit. Not just the parts people pick & choose.

I have friends & acquaintances who, unknowingly & unintentionally ostracize parts of me (and Britt too) by their judgments. By their ignorance. By their unwillingness to accept people with different values from their own.

I freely admit it. I am a ridiculously judgmental person. But, and yes there is a 'but', I am aware of this less than great aspect of myself & try to keep it in check. This is difficult, but rewarding.

First impressions can mean acceptance or rejection, and I can be a difficult person to accept. I'm pierced & tattooed. I'm a Pagan, who was raised in a Protestant Christian home. I'm a pastor's kid. I swear like a sailor. I identify currently as a lesbian, but my definition is probably different from someone else's. I've been with Britt for seven years & there's no end in sight. We're both polyamorous, and open to either gender. And this, my darlings, seems to be a sticking point with a number of people. Not because they're trying to be cruel, but because they just don't understand.

And I'm finding that when people don't understand, when they can't even almost imagine themselves in my shoes, that's when the claws come out, the snide comments begin & I am forced to either retreat further into myself or lay a verbal smack down. Neither of which I am keen to do.

Even in communities where I've expected acceptance, I have more often than not experienced rejection.

I am always finding that I'm just not quite the 'right kind of' whatever, whether it be Pagan, lesbian, woman, student, employee... whatever. I never fit quite right.

I've never fit quite right anywhere, my whole life. I didn't have any friends until my junior year in high school. I fully believed I was cut out for a life alone. I had come to terms that I was going to be a spinster & a crazy cat lady when I was old. I expected it.

Fortunately, I found someone who's just as strange & out of place as I am. And we fit together perfectly. Seamlessly. Sometimes, most of the time, I can't tell where I end & Britt begins. We are a community.

And we're both so thankful to have one another, but alas, we're not completely content. We want a community of many people, all of which will bring their own particular gifts, talents & personalities to share.

People often mistake my desire for community as a desire to surround myself with people just like me... I would rather hurl myself into the sea, than be surrounded by people just like me... ^-^

I want a place where everyone is valued for who they uniquely are. Where even if you & I don't see eye to eye on things, we respect the other's right to be happy & support them in that endeavor.

This is what I dream about. And perhaps that's why I want to go hide in my bed... Because sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can see that place. If it exists, I want to go there. If it doesn't, I want to create a space like that. This is my dream.

Monday, September 06, 2010

It didn't leave me... o_O

Omigod... So I'm taking a quick break from cleaning my house... As I was doing my hoard of dirty dishes this morning, you will never believe what I found...


Yes indeed! I found it! It's still there!!!


I am quite shocked & pleased. I had fully expected it to up & go someplace where the resident mess maker also was the resident mess-cleaner-upper... But my beloved kitchen has given me another chance! (again...)

And I'm grateful. I did miss it so...

So here's to a renewed goal: Keeping up on my house work even when I'm on my seven day work stretch, going to school, running amok with my sweety & trying to find "me-time" in between.

I'm decidedly happier when I can see the counter tops & the stove (without having to imagine all the clutter/dishes cleaned up & put away...)

Well then... Onto the living room... But I had better clean out my vacuum before I try to use it, or it might very well explode... again... o_O

Happy Monday to all y'all. Hope everyone had a good weekend ^-^

Friday, September 03, 2010

"What's the Use of Won'drin'?"

Have I ever mentioned how much I just absolutely LOVE Amanda Palmer??? I was fortunate enough to go see her in concert with Britt & our friend Grace... Two words... Fucking Awesome. =D

Just ran across this video as I finished up watching the video series she filmed for her Who Killed Amanda Palmer album. Which also rocks.

To quote Emilie Autumn (whom I also adore), "Revenge is the best revenge."

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tub 'o' Tea

Hmmmm... all is quiet. Britty's napping, as her meeting tired her right out. Before she went to bed, she took a bath... which turned into a tub of tea.

After hearing her wish (which, naturally, is my command) for lavender bath smelly-goodness, I promptly grabbed my HUGE dish of dried lavender flowers & sprinkled a goodly amount into her bubble bath.

It improved the smell immensely.

I then rummaged around in my herb drawer & found my dried rose buds, which & added to her bath as well. Followed by some dried chamomile.

After soaking for a bit, she was then showered with some dried rose petals from our very own roses. As she & the herbs soaked (for quite some time, at that), the bath bubbles dissolved leaving tea colored water that smelled just heavenly!

I offered to put everything in a bag next time, as she was covered head to toe in fragrant, herb-y loveliness, but she won't hear of it!

She said it was the most entertaining bath she's taken since she was five... ^-^

And now she sleeps... as do the kitties... Lhu, naturally, is on the pile of clean clothes I was attempting to fold... ^-^

He's so helpful when it comes to holding down those feisty clothes, to keep them from running off...

Getting ready to make the stem for my latest pumpkin & then it'll be finished & placed in my kitchen window. ^-^

Well then... off to felt the stem & then who knows? Mayhap I'll pull out my box of paper crafting tidbits & art journal a bit.

Happy crafting, my lovelies...


My cat like the Pipe Organ... o_O

Happy Thursday! ^-^

It's turned out nice & warm, but wonderfully breezy... So perfect. Perhaps we'll go to the beach after Britt gets out of her ten hour, yes, ten hour meeting... @_@

And yes, for the record, Macha likes pipe organ music. She seems particularly fond of things from Phantom of the Opera and Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor. Both of which happen to be selections I simply adore as well... coincidence? I think not. ^-^

Phiphi & Macha are now happily sleeping next to the back screen door & Lhu is lounging on his new favorite place to sleep... Britt's new backpack... lmao... She took a different bag with her to her meeting today so as to not have to displace him while he was sleeping this morning... XD
In her defense, he was ridiculously cute...

I'm happily bumming around my house felting pumpkins... and trying not to bleed on them when I accidentally felt my fingers instead... o_O

Taking a nice little break to grab a nice, cold cider out of my fridge... and come visit my blog of course. ^-^

I have all sorts of fun crafty things I'm going to do this weekend... I'm going to try my hand at hand sewing a doll (a wee doll, mind you) and there's still the ceramic bits & bobs waiting to be used for something. There's much roving to be felted into pumpkins (yay!) and another purse to crochet. I'm also working on a caplet (the same one I've been working on for like a year...), but I keep putting it down & forgetting where I am in the pattern (which isn't very far...) and having to frog everything & start over... lolz... I'm determined to start it once more & this time finish it! Besides, by next month I'll actually be able to wear it! ^-^

Also going to work on what I'm making for my dad, but I can't say what it is, as I'm not sure if he read my blog... I don't think he does, but he might... who knows? ^-^ I'll make sure to borrow a camera if I don't have a new one by the time it's finished & take some pics before I send it off to him. I'm soooooo excited! =D

I'm also trying to figure out what to make for my sister to put in the box I painted & am going to send her for her birthday this month... I can't just send her an empty box, no matter how awesome the outside looks... @_@
I think I'm going to make some soap and candles maybe...

Alrighty then... break time's over! Back to stabbing myself, er, my roving... ^_~

Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Faun - Egil Saga

Another of my fav bands... I will get to Faerie Worlds & see them live! ^-^

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh [MUSIC VIDEO]

On of my all time fav bands... Rammstein... =3

So I finally finished the purse I was crocheting. Yay! Now all I need to do is get some handles & then it'll be finished. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it... o_O
I can't tell if it's so ugly that it's kitschy cute... or if it's just ugly... lmao...

Hoping I can get a camera soon so I can post some pics... I'm going to have to make a list of all the things I want to post pics of once I have access to a camera again. ^-^

I stumbled across a brand new fav band thanks to Evelyn's Wonderland. As seen in the previous post, Warpaint! I loves them... Oh yes, and go check out Evelyn's Wonderland... it is a truly magical place with many, many wonderful dolls! ^-^

And she has an awesome playlist too... ^-^

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes, hugs, love & support our way. It means a lot to both Britt & me. Thank you. *hugs* ^-^